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    Giveaway of Inkbird temp controller ITC-308 WIFI and 20%OFF Sales

    Cheers InkBird! been keeping my eye out for one of these!
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    i understand that there are issues when doing product development, especially when KL are trying to bring out quality products for us, but the silence is pushing me the same way. i added that 2019 to the original post for clarity.
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    Inkbird Giveaway for Temp Controller ITC-310T-B for New Year !

    just what i need to get my 2nd fermentation fridge up and running! Thanks @inkbird
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Any update on the Maltzilla Mill release date?? its on my christmas wish list, but doesn't look like it'll be released by then.... :(
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    Selling a bunch of assorted brewing gear -melb

    anything left? or has all gone?
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    Alcohol Free Beer Brewing (Dont hurt me!)

    found it (https://www.thoughtco.com/boiling-point-of-alcohol-608491) Baking a recipe containing alcohol resulted in alcohol retention ranging from 25 percent (1 hour baking time) to 45 percent (25 minutes, no stirring). A recipe had to be baked 2 hours or longer to bring the alcohol content...
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    Alcohol Free Beer Brewing (Dont hurt me!)

    i remember reading somewhere about putting some beer in the oven at 80deg and leaving it there for 2 hours to remove the alcohol. could be worth a small scale trial? i would think if its that easy and tastes okay then the big breweries would be doing alcohol free "craft beer" and it would be...
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    Free Mongolian Burner & HDPE Fermenters VIC

    burner still available??
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    Free Mongolian Burner & HDPE Fermenters VIC

    burner still available??
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    4ring burner w Hi Pressure Reg?

    Hey guys, i was wondering if anyone has hooked up a High Pressure reg to a 4 ring burner, and if it has any effect on your brew time or gas costs? i am currently running a 98L pot for BIAB with a 4 ring/Low pressure reg and getting good results, its just the time it takes to reach boil that...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Any Update on The MaltZilla Mill?
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I'm in the same boat, i was thinking of grabbing one next week.
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    Melbourne - sodium percabonate bulk buy

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    Having trouble harnessing hop flavour

    With regards to finding a immersion coil that fits inside your Crown Urn, any copper coil can quite easily be made smaller by simply SLOWLY wrapping it around your co2 bottle. take care to make sure it doesnt fold, but it works a treat.
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    Second-Hand Grain Mill EOIs

    Did you end up moving that mill WEAL? Happy to take it off your hands if Yuz missed out
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    Second-Hand Grain Mill EOIs

    Yeah cheers Yuz for the bump, anyone else in the south east of melb looking to off load a mill?
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    Giving Away INKBIRD IBT-6X with 6 Probes Right Now!

    Woo that'd come in handy!
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    Getting out of brewing sale

    PM sent re: gas bottle
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