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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Has anyone else had problems with sealing Duotight fittings? I've lost two cylinders of gas from leaking fittings. after the first one i submerged all the joints to find the smallest leak on one. There was no leaks after i fixed that one. Then one fitting (a T piece), had a bad leak and i...
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    Two Hearted IPA - Beersmith

    Dilligaf, I'd be interested to know what your recipe was and what was your hop schedule was. Thanks
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    Neutrik Connectors

    Hello Has anyone had any success using Neutrik 32A connectors for their kettle and HLT? These are from the audio/visual world, but have been recommend as a neat alternative. If anyone has used them what configuration did you use with them coming into and from the control panel? Thanks Rich
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    CraftBeerPI Brew Controller

    I hope this is the right place to ask this: Does anyone have a full wiring diagram for an Australian brew panel using a CraftbeerPi? If not is there a PID style panel wiring diagram that is best to modify? A list of parts would also be very helpful. Thanks
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    Grainfather Connect Controller

    Reading a bit more that tripping may be a thermal protection of the element and not a breaker
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    Grainfather Connect Controller

    Thanks. I guess there is some kind of breaker in there.
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    Grainfather Connect Controller

    G’day All I’ve bought a GF connect and will use it as a controller for my 50l 3V system. I want to run a 2.2kw element. The GF element is 2000w. It would make sense that the GF Connect could handle up to 10A. Which should mean the 2.2kw element is fine. Does anyone. Know if they have a...
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    Boxcar. With regards to the thread on the GF connect controller you contributed to did you ever...

    Boxcar. With regards to the thread on the GF connect controller you contributed to did you ever get it running the 5kw element? Will it handle a 2200w element? Thanks
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    Grainfather connect for use in a 3 vessel HERMS

    I bit the bullet and bought a GF Connect and want to use it for my mashing. I was going to make a PID controller for it, but for $200 my time is more valuble. There is lots of talk of people considering this, but I'm yet to come across anyone who has done it. Other than one youtube clip...
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    Grainfather controller

    Scooterism. What did you end up doing? I was considering the same, a Grainfather Connect with a 2400w element, but thought of winding back the voltage on the element with something like the Keg King voltage controller. D
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    Kettle on LPG inside

    Thanks Fellas I have a corner of the garaged separated with a stud wall as a screen. I want to use this area for brewing as it can be kept cleanish. I intend to install a CO monitor and put a fan on to circulate air as well as leaving the roller door open.
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    Kettle on LPG inside

    Does anyone boil inside a shed or garage with LPG? If so what precautions do you take for Carbon Monoxide and how do you ventilate the space? Thanks
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    Plugs for elements over 3600w

    Thanks Malt Junkie. that's the sort of thing i was looking for. R
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    Plugs for elements over 3600w

    I'm interested to see how people with elements over 3600w are plugging them into their controllers. Over 3600 would be over 15A. In other jurisdictions 32A plugs are much smaller than here in Aust. I'm not too keen on the massive 32A plug and i don't really want the kettle and the HLT hard...
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