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  1. JDW81

    Wood Fired Brewery

    You’re right Chappo, rudeness and disrespect don’t make you right, your opinions right or above reproach. I’d just like to apologise for having an opinion, and will cease to do so in the future. FWIW I’ve (when time permits) always answered the posts of new brewers, never given them a hard...
  2. JDW81

    Wood Fired Brewery

    OT. Sorry, can’t let this go. So the most respected and reputable posters in AHB history, the likes of Argon, Doc, Thirstyboy, Manticle, Tony and Dr Smurto (to name a few) are all back with different names disrupting and destroying? I don’t know why they don’t post anymore, but I for one...
  3. JDW81

    Wood Fired Brewery

    Might as well drift off into the sunset once again then Chappo, as much of the same BS still goes on. KK vs KL is a great example of the current BS that is sullying up this once fine brewing resource. The old guard of knowledgeable brewers have all but left (MHB is about the only one left)...
  4. JDW81

    No fermentation action after 4 days

    Check the gravity. It’s the only sure fire way to check if you have fermentation. I use gladwrap and it doesn’t always bulge during fermentation. JD
  5. JDW81

    FS - Complete Kegging Setup (Geelong)

    Sold, Thanks everyone for the interest. Hope it gives the buyer many years of faithful service!
  6. JDW81

    FS - Complete Kegging Setup (Geelong)

    Price drop to $500 This is a total bargain, with pretty much everything you need to get into kegging. JD
  7. JDW81

    FS - Complete Kegging Setup (Geelong)

    Not interested in splitting at the moment. Just need to get rid of it soonish.
  8. JDW81

    FS - Complete Kegging Setup (Geelong)

    Still available.
  9. JDW81

    FS - Complete Kegging Setup (Geelong)

    Pictures - will have to post over a few messages. Can only do a couple at a time for some reason.
  10. JDW81

    FS - Complete Kegging Setup (Geelong)

    I’ll try and upload some pictures later. I’ll commandeer my wife’s laptop for 20 minutes so I can get it done.
  11. JDW81

    FS - Complete Kegging Setup (Geelong)

    Am reluctantly selling my kegging gear. I’ve got to move to Melbourne for a few years for work, and the place I’m moving to doesn’t have space for the gear. I need this to move fairly quickly as I’m moving soon, so it’s a bargain of a price. You’ll get: - 4 Perlick SS flow control taps - 4 long...
  12. JDW81

    What are you listening to

    Pulse - live album by pink Floyd from the 90s the guitar solo in comfortably numb is epic.
  13. JDW81

    Free Bottling Gear - Geelong

    Free bottling gear in Geelong, pickup only. No longer bottling (exclusively kegs/filling growlers from kegs) so are gathering dust in the garage. I'm also moving so need to get rid of some stuff. Bottle Tree - same as this one Bottle Washer - same as this one Both have been well used, but are...
  14. JDW81

    2020: Best commercial glass 375ml bottles for homebrew ?

    I think the little creatures bottles are crown seal, and fairly heavy duty.
  15. JDW81

    New to brewing - I wish to master this Brew Master Practice

    Hey Bucky, Welcome aboard mate. Firstly, mastering brewing takes a lifetime. I’ve been brewing all grain for over 10 years now and still consider myself a novice. You can make improvements at nearly every step of the brewing process, with some more important than others. Most important...
  16. JDW81

    Optimal StarSan content in beer

    IMHO no starsan (or other no rinse sanitiser) should ever make it into the beer. As for flavour threshold I don't know, give it a taste and find out. It's not like you're putting lead based pain or cyanide into your beer (apparently it is safe and food grade, but hey we were told thalidomide was...
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