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    Cortez Is A Killer

    What is needed for one to get access as well ? Every time I get access denied as well..
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    Correct Beer Line Length

    i have between 4-5meters of 5mm ID hose with a intertap flow control and get foam all the time. using about 12PSI. when i make a whear beer becomes unbearable cause i need to increase psi and the extra protein.
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    email updates with links that dont work

    hi guys, i keep receiving the update email with links that i cannot open even logged in. anyone with the same issues? example: https://aussiehomebrewer.com/posts/1529152/
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    flow control taps

    anyone have any ideas on other flow control taps ? are they all faulty like this ?
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    flow control taps

    my kegerator has absolutely no leaks and i keep the gas on at all times. no issues on the past 2 years with it. so i put on the pressure that the beer needs to be, as i do not want to loose co2 from the kegs. i have 5m tucked in on the side I use barb fittings , so had to go 5mm ID and lot more...
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    flow control taps

    surely will have to think on something to do with them.
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    flow control taps

    pulled it apart, cleaned everything and greased all seals. no luck with the pour
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    flow control taps

    Hi, I have my kegerator balanced with about 5m of 5mm ID lines. and it pours perfectly wheat beers at about 25 PSI (makes it about 4 volumes of CO2 at 2 degrees C) on the regulator with regular intertap taps. I have decided to get a flow control intertap and put in cant seem to make it pour...
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    New research on dry yeast

    Contacted Brad smith and this was his answer about the aeration.
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    New research on dry yeast

    still can't find it at https://fermentis.com/news-from-fermentis/news-and-events/ or http://www.lallemandbrewing.com/news/ i see no changes on the fermentis and the lallemand websites or packages on the instructions of the yeast. in fact on both of them they say that can cause a few other...
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    Ultratap versus Intertap

    Do anyone knows if they are doing a flow control version as well ?
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    Fermenter enclosure for winter brewing for sale

    "You do not have permission to view media within this album"
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    creamer tap

    what are the comments on creamer taps ? those that when you push forward, beer comes out normally and when pushed back, it creates foam. they seem a little hard to find, just wondering if worth it. for those light lagers would be a good idea?
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    Gas lines

    It just came to my attention that I have been using the same hose for liquid and gas. What do you guys use as gas lines? Just a regular clear pvc from bunnings would be ok? My big co2 canister which I use for carbing has the lines all kinked and it's time to change. Cheers
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    Triple tap cobra fonts

    I've tried contacting them, they were supposed to contact me back in a couple of days and until now nothing.... it's been 2 weeks :S
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    Triple tap cobra fonts

    Hehe, I know what you mean. That's usually the issue with these set-ups to keep inside. They are well and good for the backyard deck thou. Well, ifyou ever want to get rid of one of those Faucet beauties let me know.
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    Triple tap cobra fonts

    Yeah, I've been trying to find some over here with no luck. They look great . Thanks for the help, will try contacting them. You'll have to show the entire set up. Hehe. Is it a stainless bar/table? Did you put in the kitchen ?
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    Triple tap cobra fonts

    Did you just buy through the internet ? It seems a bit narrow. Specially to 4 taps. Where did you get those rototap? Are they flow control? Need to check cheeky peak