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  1. Gelding

    Says who ?

  2. Gelding

    Guilty as sin...

  3. Gelding

    Have I oxidised my beer samples ?

    Today I was filling up some sample bottles from a keg using a beer gun attached via a liquid out connector to the keg. I used a low pressure , slow fill around 3 psi. However after I finished filling the bottles I noticed a puddle of beer underneath the keg and realised that I hadn't tightened...
  4. Gelding

    cold crashing and oxidation risk

    been having a search but can't seem to find a generally accepted opinion on whether cold crashing and resulting air suckback poses an oxidation risk when I cold crash (in stainless fermenter) I notice quite some volume of air suckback, in fact so much I have to remove the blowoff tube from the...