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  1. RobW

    The Corona Virus (COVID 19) Thread

    All you need to know really. https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/victorian-public-coronavirus-disease-covid-19 https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/alerts/Pages/coronavirus-faqs.aspx Listen to the science not opinion. Cheers
  2. RobW

    The Corona Virus (COVID 19) Thread

    That's just the US. Globally, flu kills more like 250,000 a year. A little common sense would go a long way.
  3. RobW

    Brewtech SS fermenting vessels discussion thread

    Well there's your problem ;) but experience indicates that if you sanitise the hose there don't seem to be any problems. On reflection you could fill the upper tube with sanitiser before attaching the trap and then let it drain back in but it's hardly worth the effort IMO. Or fit an inline filter?
  4. RobW

    Tilt owners you happy with it ?

    Thanks for the answers fellers - there had to be a reason.
  5. RobW

    Tilt owners you happy with it ?

    Why upright? Cheers Rob
  6. RobW

    Free keg fridge - Melbourne

    Sorry it's gone
  7. RobW

    Free keg fridge - Melbourne

    I have a 473 litre Westinghouse all fridge (no freezer), drilled for gas and taps, free to a good home. Runs well and stays cold. Also a couple of clean but old plastic fermenters that would be OK to store grain in. Pickup only from Ivanhoe, available from Friday the 12th. PM if interested
  8. RobW

    Sanitizing a Stainless Steel Fermenter

    The SS Chronical setup instructions recommend Starsan to passivate before use (maybe because it's readily available?). Linky From what Mark says it doesn't seem like it's an issue in any case.
  9. RobW

    Sanitizing a Stainless Steel Fermenter

    Can you over passivate? I pull my fermenter and valves down after every brew, scrub off the visible soiling and then soak in percarbonate before rinsing with water. I pray the valve components with Starsan as they go back together. After reassembly I spray the interior of the fermenter with...
  10. RobW

    Capsule based brewing

    "It’s unclear how much the machine and capsules are going to cost and if beer tastes any good." I'd hazard: Lots and Probably Not
  11. RobW

    House of Malt - New Craft Malthouse selling to Homebrewers

    The same reason we pay more for domestic gas than the countries we sell it to.
  12. RobW

    Live Grasshopper in fermenter.

    I wouldn't be too sure about that: http://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2018/08/study-finds-increased-alcohol-tolerance-common-hospital-pathogen Cheers Rob
  13. RobW

    How to estimate OG for cyser. Honey + Juice = 1.? Plus apple-pie cyser

    Can anybody suggest somewhere in Melbourne to buy small quantities of Madagascar Vanilla Beans? The price has gone through the roof recently and most places seem to sell in bigger quantities than I need.
  14. RobW

    Brut IPA

    No not the anti-perspirant