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  1. SergeMarx

    The short happy tale of BIAC, or Brewing In A Cube

    A while back I posted about my plan to combine the joys of no chilling with the convenience of DME and the science of hop utilization. Here is the final report on attempt #1. The plan: To dump ingredients plus boiling water into a cube, seal, cool, ferment and call it beer. Ingredients (I...
  2. SergeMarx

    BIAC - Brew in a Cube

    Here's tomorrow's plan. 1x 15l cube 2.2 kg LDME 15 litres boiling water 25g Citra Method: Put everything in the cube. Lag with blankets to keep hot as long as possible for maximum possible hop isomerization. Pitch when cool. I was thinking of adding some steeping grains to the equation, but...
  3. SergeMarx

    STC1000 Calibration

    hey guys, I use an STC1000 for controlling the mash in my electric urn, but with a string of brews recently failing to attenuate, after ramping up the yeast and oxygen to no avail, I wondered if the calibration was out. I'd checked it last maybe 18mths ago and brought it in line (was 4c) out...
  4. SergeMarx

    Freeze Dried Fruit

    Last year our hb club purchased a wine barrel and filled it with wort and yeast and bugs. And love. So much love. We now have 200 odd litres of a very splendid sour and distribution day looms. I've been considering laying a portion of my share on some fruit for a while, and I had the notion...
  5. SergeMarx

    bottled from keg with a mini prime

    I've switched to kegs recently, but still need to bottle occasionally. My beer was a little under carbonated, but i wanted to get a bottle in for comp. So I've filled the bottle and then primed with a 1/3 tsp of sugar. Hoping the sugar will both up the carbonation to where it should be, and...
  6. SergeMarx

    Stalled ferment... my fix

    Hey guys, thought my recent experience worth a stuck ferment may be of interest to some. I brewed a pretty big DIPA recently with an OG of 1.084, which perhaps i mashed too warm,or perhaps didnt aerate correctly or perhaps under pitched,but at 1.026 it conked out and no swirling or heating...
  7. SergeMarx

    Gigayeast Vermont Ale

    Now that we can get the gigyeast range from beerco (no affil) I was suprised to see no mention of it on AHB - I picked up the Vermont Ale yeast and looking forward to getting a hoppy monster on - wondering if anyone has had some experience, and if so, what kind malt bill / hops did you use and...
  8. SergeMarx

    Macedon Ranges brewers club

    The mrbc meets on the last Wednesday of each month at the royal George hotel in Kyneton (7:30) A great place to share brews, recipes and brewing knowledge, MRBC has had a great 2015 and is looking to an even bigger and better new year. Shoot me a message for contact details. Cheers, Rhys
  9. SergeMarx

    How do you store your grain?

    So - having just bought a crap load of grain for future use I'm wondering if anyone has a novel approach to storing it? I'm talking dispensing bins, or buckets? Leave it in the bag? A modifed tall boy? What's your solution to grain storage? FWIW at the moment I have the pale malt in green...
  10. SergeMarx

    The Cubical - for want of a better name

    I've been wondering for a while about using cubes as fermenters - which I already do - but upside down, with a valve in the lid for removing and saving the yeast cake, while the original valve is open with a blow off tube attached. had some time, so I built it, looking forward to giving it a crack.
  11. SergeMarx

    Hop Oil Candy Carb drops

    Ahoy Thought I may making my own carbonation drops infused with hop oil - before I embark on this labour intensive experiment with dubious outcomes, I thought I'd see if someone had paved the way before me. I calc for 2.4 vol CO2 after 18C ferment, I'll need 2g sugar per drop for a 330ml...
  12. SergeMarx

    Staged ferment - no starter

    So I was wondering a thing which certainly has been wondered before me... If I am brewing a 20 litre batch, and ideal pitch rate is twice the cell count of a standard wyeast smacker, what would be the harm in no chilling the brew in two containers - fermenting 10 litres for a few days with the...
  13. SergeMarx

    Draining the Bag

    Why hadn't I thought of this before?
  14. SergeMarx

    Suggest a brew based on Inventory

    I've been looking around for a simple inventory db which can use that info to suggest a brew. So far, not found much so decided to try to whack something up in excel. Only spent an hour or so on this today, but it's promising so will persevere. Currently the sheet only works on the ingredient...
  15. SergeMarx

    Name your Brew?

    So we've got the brewery name thread, but are your best brew names? I expect puns and inuendo folks. So far I've named three: Femelle Claque! - a Belgian Dark Strong (thanks to a good cartooning mate for the label :) Crystal Method - an ESB and "Bring on Ze Dubbel" - which is obviously, a...
  16. SergeMarx

    Temperature Probe

    I've looked through a few threads on here, but couldn't find a definitive answer... the temp probe for my temperature controller is too short, and needs lengthening. Should I open the box and rewire a new longer probe in there if so, where to get one, or can i just patch in some wire to the...
  17. SergeMarx

    Wyeast 3787

    Well, I had this smack pack sitting the fridge for a couple of months - and it had been in G=Gs fridge for a few months before that... nearly 10 months old and I was pretty confident it was toast. Regardless, last week I made a 2 litre starter and dumped in the contents... took a about five...
  18. SergeMarx

    Label Stickers

    So, while not exactly cheap cheap, I found that redbubble are now producing diecut stickers in runs as low as 1. I've got a brew that's been a WIP since november last year, and I'm about to bottle it - I got a mate to design me up a label and I'm getting a dozen stickers done - total cost $15...
  19. SergeMarx

    The Brew

    I was on my second stubbie when I thought, you know I oughta, get out all my brewing gear and brew that chocolate porter And so outside I gathered all the bits that i required to make that silky chocolate joy my tastebuds so desired It started well enough I guess, the grain went in to mash, so...
  20. SergeMarx

    The Kegging Conundrum

    Advancing I must be as a home brewer since last night when faced with the prospect of cleaning, sanitising, filling and capping another 50 or more bottles, I cried to the heavens "ENOUGH!" I want kegs, I want to free my time and enable my drinking, I want what so many of you have. However...