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    email updates with links that dont work

    hi guys, i keep receiving the update email with links that i cannot open even logged in. anyone with the same issues? example: https://aussiehomebrewer.com/posts/1529152/
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    flow control taps

    Hi, I have my kegerator balanced with about 5m of 5mm ID lines. and it pours perfectly wheat beers at about 25 PSI (makes it about 4 volumes of CO2 at 2 degrees C) on the regulator with regular intertap taps. I have decided to get a flow control intertap and put in cant seem to make it pour...
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    creamer tap

    what are the comments on creamer taps ? those that when you push forward, beer comes out normally and when pushed back, it creates foam. they seem a little hard to find, just wondering if worth it. for those light lagers would be a good idea?
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    Gas lines

    It just came to my attention that I have been using the same hose for liquid and gas. What do you guys use as gas lines? Just a regular clear pvc from bunnings would be ok? My big co2 canister which I use for carbing has the lines all kinked and it's time to change. Cheers
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    Triple tap cobra fonts

    Hi guys, Have anyone bought a cobra font in australia? I see that there is a few disparities from the pictures i have found on the internet. i see a few narrow ones and the wide ones. Would anyone know the difference? or that might be just in my perception of the photo ? I was looking for a wide...
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    WTB - font fan (Melbourne)

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has a kegerator font fan kit and a 3 tap font (font only) that they are not using and would like to sell before I go try getting one. Cheers
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    brewpi vs craftbeerpi

    I got asked today by a workmate that wanted to automate his brewery and got asked which one would be better. I just realised that the brewpi can do automation of brewery as well not only the fermentation chamber. would anyone have any idea would be better, have more functionalities and be better...
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    Disassemble keg spear

    Hi guys, have anyone had any issues on disassembling their keg spear? Mine is a kegking D type spear. I have searched online and couldn't find any tool, then I found a post that by pushing down with a big Wrench and rotating should do it. That it wasn't supposed to be that hard, so I gave it a...
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    grain storage

    How do you guys store them? I have some shelving that I was thinking on using some cheap bunnings storage boxes. Do anyone do the same? Would anyone know how big would it need to be to hold 25kg-30kg? The reason being that I don't want to run out before buying the next one. So would have to...
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    what to do with a bunch of roasted grains

    recently i have inherited a full 25kg bag of joe white's roasted malt(black malt) and another one of roasted barley. http://www.cargillfoods.com/lat/en/products/malt/products/our-brands/joe-white-maltings/index.jsp usually i brew 50l batches, but that is just a lot of malt. i usually use...
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    beer conditioning in keg

    Hi guys, I have finished a pale ale here that has poor head retention as i forgot to put some wheat or rolled oats or something. I was thinking on adding the "coopers brew enhancer 2" (which is a mixture of 500g dextrose 250 light malt extract and 250 maltodextrin) as priming sugars inside the...
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    heating for fridge

    Hi guys, i recently acquired a 2 door fridge as a fermentation chamber. with it i can ferment 3*60L fermenter or 6 of the 30L. https://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTYwMFgxMTk2/z/B7oAAOSwWxNYxJ3~/$_75.JPG i've been suggested by the homebrew shop to get heater panels and lay around the fridge but the...
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    jockeybox coil

    Have been thinking on building a coil jockey box instead of the chiller plate one, as can never know the temperature that will be outside on the summer. found these coils on ebay. anyone have any thoughts on if it would work ...
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    WTB: oxygenation system

    Looking to buy a O2 regulator, oxygen bottle and wand/stone. just checking if someone has one for sale before buying one. Otherwise will be looking into doing something like this: thermometer + O2 stone in 1. http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/SckAAOSwB09YIsYb/s-l1600.jpg I'm located in melbourne...
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    NW Melbourne

    Hi guys, Any brew clubs north west of melbourne? I'm living in Keilor East, close to Essendon. Cheers,
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    Intertap G2 vs Andale

    Hi Guys, I decided that is time for me to transform my fridge into a beer dispenser unit. So I went out and got a long shank and a intertap G2 (keg king) unit. then i got home and saw this link where people say that the andale taps are darn good...
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    do anyone know what this is for?

    Hi guys, I found this piece on one of my brew stuff boxes and have been having trying to figure out what this is. do anyone have any idea? Thanks in advance.
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    Stainless table

    Hi Guys, would anyone knows if these would be a good deal / would buy it ? Or would it be better to just get a Brayco and go on with it ? it's a good 230 bucks difference. looking for one to do my brewing table...
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    Water Boiler

    Hi guys, Have anyone have any thoughts on this water urn ? My goal is to use it as a water heater for sparging a braumeister setup and later get a still and attempt doing spirits. So it would have 2 functions. Trying to have a smaller footprint brewery as i recently went from a 3 vessel to a...
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    Pump for spray ball;

    Hi Guys, I recently decided to buy a spray ball as i saw it so cheap on ebay (from china of course). so i went over and bought the smaller one i could find http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/111350285176?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 but the regular 19L/min pump wont give enough...