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  1. whitegoose

    "Things I'm sure you don't need to do to make great beer&#

    I really enjoy this sort of article and this sort of debate. Personally I think that brewing is riddled with old wives tales, myths, and half truths... and I think that many people never question any of it and take it for gospel.I question pretty much everything, and granted, a lot of it turns...
  2. whitegoose

    Rescuing my bulk priming mistake

    Just to close the loop on this one - after following the advice in this thread (especially from MHB) my Old Ale is carbonated *perfectly* Thanks team!
  3. whitegoose

    Rescuing my bulk priming mistake

    Well, I went ahead and did it! For the record I was using dextrose the whole time, I just call it sugar cos I'm lazy. I bumped my amount up by 10%. Trap for young players - I did my maths so that the sugar would be evenly distributed by approximately enough liquid to give me 2ml per bottle... I...
  4. whitegoose

    Rescuing my bulk priming mistake

    Thanks for the discussion guys - and a massive thanks to MHB - you are the maths genius I have been searching for! This forum never ceases to amaze me. So what I'm planning is to cook up 48g (12L @ 4g/L) of sugar with enough water so that I can syringe 2ml into each bottle, open them, inject...
  5. whitegoose

    Rescuing my bulk priming mistake

    Hahah yeah I know the reading will go up when I add priming sugar - my problem is that it didn't go up enough! Hoping some maths genius can figure out from all my readings how much priming sugar I ended up with in my bottles, so I can correct it. I'm thinking it won;t just be undercarbed, it...
  6. whitegoose

    Rescuing my bulk priming mistake

    So I have an 12L Old Ale, OG:1.086 (20.59 Brix), FG:1.017 (4.28 Plato - corrected from a 10.6 Brix reading on the refractometer using a WCF of 1.02)... decided to bulk prime for the first time today. Cooked up 69g of dextrose in 100ml of water cooled, added to bottling bucket and racked on top...
  7. whitegoose

    Is Obama's carpet big enough to sweep this under.

    All round charming attitude to the world
  8. whitegoose

    Is all grain brewed beer 99% sugar free?

    Spot on . What GalBrew said.
  9. whitegoose

    0 minute hops

    This seems... kinda confusing to me... for a super charged, hop-forward beer, he wants a "hop stand" of 45-60 minutes?? And shorter contact time with near-boiling wort for less hop presence? Isn't that backwards? How does this line up with the science that if you boil for 45-60 minutes you get...
  10. whitegoose

    (Perth-NOR) brewing gear

    How tall and identify is easy fermenter when it's on the stand? Figuring whether it would fit in my fridge
  11. whitegoose

    Tooheys Pale ale

    I've gotta say I've always found the worst thing about the home brewing community is the arrogance/snobbery that can manifest sometimes. This thread is a prime example.
  12. whitegoose

    Single Malt Scotch Whisky

    Uhhhhhhh... yes
  13. whitegoose

    Mr. Malty reckons on 1 litre starter for 11 litre batch. Really?

    Whenever I do starters I let it settle and decant as much of the beer off the top as I can... so for a 1L starter I'd probably only pitch 300-400 ml at a guess
  14. whitegoose

    DIPA-mashed too high, high FG, what to do?

    I wouldn't worry about it! 1.016 vs 1.020?! Who cares!
  15. whitegoose

    Mangrove jack west coast ale m44 yeast lagging

    I agree with the lag comments... I pitched 2 packets of M44 to 23 L of 1.060 IPA a couple of weeks ago and there was no activity for 48 hours - I was spinning out a little bit - then it went BEZERK
  16. whitegoose

    It was a dark and stormy night. WA Winter 2015 case swap.

    1. Neander - Robust Porter 2. Ads03 - RIS 3. James nvs - A darker shade of ale - barrel aged porter (labelled with red caps) 4. Dent - probably some porter 5. Major Arcana - probably an oatmeal 6. Rafael libardi - brown porter 7. spoonta - ris 8. Pat Doherty - TBA 9. Amanda G - Irish red Ale...
  17. whitegoose

    Airlock still bubbling after 8 days

    Oh and in defence of the airlock (where has all the hate come from!?) I think it's important to understand that it's primary (only) purpose is to provide a escape route for gas that will also prevent bacteria/bugs from getting in. It is not meant to tell you whether your brew is fermenting or...
  18. whitegoose

    Airlock still bubbling after 8 days

    Definitely fill from the tap - usually avoid sticking anything into the fermenter, or even opening the lid, unless you really need to. As others have said, you don't need to sterilise the sample cylinder because once you've taken your sample, you ditch (or drink) the sample - it doesn't go back...
  19. whitegoose

    It was a dark and stormy night. WA Winter 2015 case swap.

    Legend, thanks mate! Much appreciated. Will organise with you for next weekend
  20. whitegoose

    It was a dark and stormy night. WA Winter 2015 case swap.

    Take 2 - anybody able to take my beers to the swap and bring me some beers back? I'm in Mount Lawley and can drop my stuff off to your place, with bonus prize thabkyou beer as well
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