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  1. RobB

    Styrian Wolf, Fox, Cardinal and Dragon

    These fairly new hop varieties appeared a couple of years ago without much fanfare. They're available from a few shops in Australia, but information is pretty scarce. Anyone used them? According to the interwebs: Wolf - Intense fruity and floral notes. These include flavors of sweet tropical...
  2. RobB

    Selling 2 x 12 Litre Kegs, Mount Hawthorn WA

    I am selling two 12 litre/3 gallon ball-lock kegs. They are a few years old but have only been used a couple of times each. I simply bought too many kegs when I got into kegging and these have been sitting unused for ages now. The ones which I am using are the same type and haven't missed a...
  3. RobB

    Lalbrew New England Yeast

    Yet another new dry yeast, this time from Lallemand/Danstar. http://www.lallemandbrewing.com/product-details/lalbrew-new-england/ So far it's only available in 500g bricks, but 11g packs can't be too far away. The dry yeast market has gone berserk in the last few years and I'm loving it.
  4. RobB

    Danstar Diamond Lager Yeast in 11g Sachets

    This yeast has been around for a long time, but only in 500g packages. It appears to have been released to the US market in 11g sachets earlier this year. Has anyone used it before and has anyone seen the 11g sachets on Australian shelves yet? On a side note, there seems to have been a boom in...
  5. RobB

    Fermentis Saison Yeast: BE-134

    It looks like Fermentis is joining the saison party and will soon be releasing a rival to Danstar's Belle Saison and MJ's French Saison. BE-134 has been added to Fermentis' product range (not to be confused with the already released BE-256). Any retailers out there know when this will hit the...
  6. RobB

    Munich Classic

    Danstar's "Munich Classic" was released over a year ago, but there's nothing on here about it and very little on other forums. Note that this is not the same strain as their underwhelming "Munich" which is still in production and which is also marketed as a weissbier yeast. I suspect that the...
  7. RobB

    Adding Recirculation - My Easy Urn Upgrade

    For years my brewery has been very simple; just a 40L Birko urn, a voile bag and an over-the-side element for step mashes. After a few years of watching jealously from the sidelines as the Braumeister took off, I went to a friend’s BM brewday and was bitten by the recirculation bug. I had the...
  8. RobB

    Supercharging the Chiller

    So if I'm brewing, I have space in my fermentation fridge, right? And if I have space in my fermentation fridge, I might as well use it to pre-chill water for my newly built immersion chiller. Thanks to a submersible pump and a 60 litre Ikea tub, I ran near freezing water through boiling water...
  9. RobB

    Fridge Not Chilling - Fix or Ditch?

    My fermenting fridge is a Westinghouse bar fridge which is only a few years old - old enough to be out of warranty but new enough that it shouldn't be acting the way it is. It's basically running non stop but not getting below 24 degrees. After a while the compressor is very hot to the touch. I...
  10. RobB

    M20 Dry Yeast - Bavarian Wheat

    It’s pretty exciting that eight new dried yeasts have hit the market all at once. There’s a generic thread here: http://aussiehomebrewer.com/topic/71569-mangrove-jack-craft-series-yeasts/ , but for the sake of a better AHB resource, I think each yeast should have its own discussion. Here’s what...
  11. RobB

    Why Don't All Strains Dry?

    I have had a look through Chris White's "Yeast" and scoured this new fangled interweb thingy, but I can't find why some strains of yeast are able to be dried while others can't. Is their a single governing characteristic which indicates that a yeast is able to survive the drying process? I've...
  12. RobB

    Leak Coincides With Bubbles In Air Line

    Not another bloody "air in my beer line" thread.......... I'm hoping someone can help steer me towards my CO2 leak. I don't force carb. I carbonate and serve at my desired pressure. I have short beer lines with in-line flow controllers which have served me well for many brews. My taps and...
  13. RobB

    Belle Saison Dry Yeast

    Either I'm rubbish with the search function, or this is really new. Danstar have released a dry saison yeast - Belle Saison. Release is "Fall 2012", i.e. about now. Retailers, any idea when this is due?
  14. RobB

    Free - Flooded Font - Perth

    Well most of one anyhow....... It was being chucked out on someone's verge, so I grabbed it. I don't want it and I don't want anything for it, but there has to be someone on here who can save it from landfill? It looks like a stand-alone unit with a built in drip tray. There's no tap, but...
  15. RobB

    Free Juicer - Perth

    OK, it's not brewing gear, but I thought I would offer it here before trying freecycle. I have a Breville JE90 juicer which is now surplus to requirements. It's over ten years old, but it's in great condition and still works perfectly (although it is, and always has been, bloody noisy). Pick...
  16. RobB

    Using T-58 For The Frist Time. Which Style?

    T-58 seems to be a love it or hate it yeast, but I wont know which side of the fence Im on until I use it myself. I would like to brew a simple 5%-ish beer and I am wondering if this yeast would be more suited to a Belgian pale ale or a lower gravity blonde? Using the ingredients I have on...
  17. RobB

    The Plug On My Urn Is Getting Hot.

    The pins on the plug of my Birko urn (second hand and probably long in the tooth) get very hot after two hours on maximum (90 minute boil plus time to reach boil). The outside of the plug is slightly warm to the touch, but if I happen to touch the pins after unplugging it, they are hot enough...
  18. RobB

    Should I Cool Rehydrated Lager Yeast?

    With ale yeasts, I get away with just sprinkling dry yeast on the wort, but I want to rehydrate lager yeasts (s-189 in this case) to ensure that I pitch the maximum number of viable cells. The manufacturer's instructions say to rehydrate at room temperature, however I was intending to pitch...
  19. RobB

    Your Beer, Your Kids And Your Attitude

    When I was a kid, my father would let me have a small sip of his beer or wine. It was only ever a tiny sip and I appreciated that it was a treat. Without ever being lectured, I was somehow aware of the effects of alcohol, who could and who shouldn't drink it and under-age binge drinking was...
  20. RobB

    Question For A Fridge Expert

    We awoke to soft butter and stinky milk this morning, so our kitchen fridge is either dead or seriously ill. Thankfully I am about to start kegging, so all our food is now in a chest freezer with tempmate ("You see Darling, it's paid for itself already......"). Before I get someone out to start...