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  1. buttersd70

    Chappo To 4000 Posts

    Only one more to go. ;) :lol:
  2. buttersd70

    Dry Verses Liquid Yeasts

    Absolutely. The range of liquid yeasts aailable is huge compared to dry. Dry yeasts have their place, certainly: But liquid yeasts open up so many options.
  3. buttersd70

    Lots And Lots Of Head

    to reitterate what others have said....balance the system. Use crozdogs chart. Read the kegging articles. All the answers are there, already. No need to reinvent the damn wheel: It rolls perfectly fine. determine what serving temp you want determine what carb level you want. set your pressure...
  4. buttersd70

    Qld Xmas Case Swap - Consumption

    Hennos budvar is ridonculously good imo.......stop being twatty, mate. You've got the wotsits to stand up to 4 drunk koryos, in my defense...have the nads to admit that you can brew. :lol: who were the lucky sods that got your excess TTL's? :lol:
  5. buttersd70

    2009 Qld Xmas Case Swap

    Careful.......I'll point my finger at you. It may....may, smell fishy.
  6. buttersd70

    2009 Qld Xmas Case Swap

    Got home late last night....lack of sleep caught up with me on the flight. That's what happens when you're last man down, first man up. So many people to thank....firstly, brucey and ren....what gracious hosts. Attentive, engaging, generous. Thanks guys, so much. Thanks to Ross for his...
  7. buttersd70

    No Topic Thread

    well, yes........the bottom half is wrong....but the top half is right. :D
  8. buttersd70

    2009 Qld Xmas Case Swap

    Then t'worms'll come an` eyt thee up.....
  9. buttersd70

    Mixing Us + Uk Hop 'styles'

    Well, all flavours are perceptions in taste, really, and in most cases are reminiscent of a pre-existing flavour 'memory', if you will..... With the BC, though....blackcurrant (I said blackberry, but I meant blackcurrant) comes through in absolute spades. No doubt on that one, and many people I...
  10. buttersd70

    Mixing Us + Uk Hop 'styles'

    It's a matter of blending the particular flavour profiles. Some flavours work well together, others dont. So it's a matter of reading up on the individual hops in question, and reading the flavour characteristics, and working out wether it would work in concert with another hop, irrespective of...
  11. buttersd70

    2009 Qld Xmas Case Swap

    More than a thumb....... ( butters wonders where his left hand went......it was here just the other day.....)
  12. buttersd70

    Bloody Adelaide Wheather

    Then all is not lost. Air-tight excuses for binge drinking are like hens teeth. Cherish the heat..... :lol:
  13. buttersd70

    Calculating Ibu With Beer Smith

    Enter all the ingredients in beersmith.....for the malt, enter it as 1 x2kg and 1x 1kg. when all the ingredients are entered, double click on the dex, and when the properties come up, tick 'add after boil'. Do the same for the 1 kg of malt (and imo rename them to includee 'post boil', or...
  14. buttersd70

    Bloody Adelaide Wheather

    I wouldn't stress too much if you can at least keep mid 20's. Not ideal, but as you said, the bulk is done. (think lager D rest...higher than you would ferment at, but so late in the process that it cleans up, rather than screws up. ;) ). Possible effects: faster maturation, and hence faster...
  15. buttersd70

    Increase Temperature After Lagering Before Bottling?

    2 schools of thought. Some raise temp (again) after lagering, and then bottle. Others base it on the D rest temp for saturation levels. Either will work; neither is 'incorrect'. But raising back to temp is another step which, imo is unescessary. I wrote an article about using bulk priming...
  16. buttersd70

    Bloody Adelaide Wheather

    Use more bottles, Bum. The more volume of ice, the cooler you'll get it.....last brew I did (just finished it) had 4x3L bottles in rotation, was holding 21C (till yesterday, when I racked off) in the current adelaide weather.
  17. buttersd70

    Hydrometer Reading Out Of Range

    OMFG, that is absolutely classic. :lol:
  18. buttersd70

    Hydrometer Reading Out Of Range

    It's too bloody hot for flamesuits.... :lol:
  19. buttersd70

    Final Og Lower Than Og Into Boiler

    Apologies for 'wasted bandwidth' is not required....just as a sarcastic response to a polite (and subdued) clarification of the OP's actual question is also not required. :rolleyes:
  20. buttersd70

    Hydrometer Reading Out Of Range

    although the FG on it's own is meaningless, it needs to be taken and applied in context to the OG, yeast type, and the ingredients used. ;) Although, the accuracy of OG is of much lesser importance than that of fg. I wouldn't stress, extrapolate on the scale for this one and call it...
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