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  1. mfdu

    Honey And The Honeycomb?

    i've done heaps of honey beers. most recently with 1.5kg honey, coopers draught kit, galaxy hops and windsor yeast. normally with 750g honey. i have never boiled the honey - just put the jar in a tub of hot water to thin it out, and then just pour it straight it. also, i generally find the...
  2. mfdu

    Pitching Kit Yeast

    if using kit yeast, i always rehydrate and use two packets. but i never stir it into the wort.
  3. mfdu

    Hoegaarden Time

    i've done a few of these. i use the dried bitter orange peel i got from G&G. mainly because i still have some to use. and yes, indian shop coriander IS better. in cooking, too. but mainly, USE A BAG. your tap will totally block up if you just toss that shit in there. put it in a hop bag...
  4. mfdu

    Ales For Summer

    i enjoyed one using rice malt from an asian grocery : 1 x coopers draught kit 2 x 500g rice malt ($1.45 each!) 20g pride of ringwood hops @ 10 mins nottingham yeast @ 21 litres it took 2 months for the hops to settle in, then it worked a treat on a hot afternoon on the back porch.
  5. mfdu

    Oz Brew Tubs Packs

    what i fail to understand is this - is it a concetrate goo (eg 1.7kg), or a fresh wort (eg 14 litres) ?
  6. mfdu

    Fermenter Without Airlock

    + 1 for clingwrap (double layer), no hole. i've done some 20 brews with this method and have not yet have overflow. even with a 26 litre wheatbeer where the krausen hit the underside of the clingwrap. better view of what's going on, less to sanitise and no concerns about "my airlock isn't...
  7. mfdu

    Kit & Kilo Report: Tooheys Dark Ale

    +1 on the coopers dark kit - i generally do it with 1kg saunders malt and some aroma hops. i have yet to try with an addition of 500g of honey, but i will soon. the kit is pretty bitter, so dont make the mistake i've made in the past of not cooling it quick enough thus causing the aroma hops...
  8. mfdu

    My Experience So Far

    re. temp control, my temp control consists of an old 1950's fridge in the garage with a power timer and a 2nd thermometer inside on the top shelf - timer clocking on 15 mins every hour or so will hold 16 degrees at around 30 external. sure it takes a bit of experimentation to figure out how...
  9. mfdu

    My Experience So Far

    yeah, fine post. i'm the same with my feelings about stepping beyond the kit + a bit. i've done many interesting things using morgans specialty extracts, honey, rice malt, saunders malt extract etc and am now growing my own hops. i stck up on good yeasts and hops when i make it to the HBS...
  10. mfdu

    Dry Or Liquid Malt?

    i reckon us05 gives me a sinus attack. especially if i crack a brew before around three weeks in the bottle. no other yeast seems to do it to me. anyone else found this?
  11. mfdu

    Sparkling Ale + Pride Of Ringwood

    PoR is under-rated for flavour / aroma additions. it's spicy, and i like it. as per your subject sub-heading, hope springs eternal.
  12. mfdu

    How To Make An Orange Tasting Beer?

    i've done a number of 'hoegarden'clones with coriander seed and bitter orange peel. boiled in water for 20 mins then add goop, stir and add to fermenter. simple, effective, yummy.
  13. mfdu


    +1for gladwrap, no pin-hole. i use the o-ring from the lid to hold it in place.
  14. mfdu

    Supermarket Goo Trials!

    if you're sticking to the supermarket supplies, +1 for saunders malt extract experiment with 500g honey - it doesnt stay sweet, but leaves good aroma + head. while we're at it , rice syrup in the heath food aisle. and treacle, too. build a starter from the kit yeast so it's healthier (it's...
  15. mfdu

    Wheat Beer Idea

    yeah, i'll be throwing down a hoegarden clone today. mmmmmmm.
  16. mfdu

    Wheat Beer Idea

    wb06 is a fiesty one- 22 degrees and you should see a good krausen through the glad wrap. sorry - did you do a yeast starter? when i've used a starter i get foamy in a couple of hours. so, next step (as manticle says) is the gravity. well? what is it now? an aside. most of my wheat beers...
  17. mfdu

    "its Beer Jim, But Not As We Planned It."

    yeah, totally just get in there, son. i like wheats fresh, too. but i've always fermented too low and missed out on the cool and missed out on the cool nana notes and stuff. re. hops in wheats, it's all open i reckon. i'm drinking one now which had hersbrucker, but i'll be trying one with...
  18. mfdu

    Rice In Brew

    so i found the rice maltose, as detailed above. aaah foot-i-scray - good for everything from horse, smack and malt. $1.45 per 500g. i'll try two (1kg) with a coopers lager can, us05 and maybe a small amount of aroma hopping. that way, it'll be an easy comparison with my usual summer beer of...
  19. mfdu

    Yeast Amounts - Two Packets Or One?

    if i'm using kit yeast, i always use two packets into a 500ml or 1 litre starter. (us05 or nottingham are my usual yeasts) i can run the temp down at 16 degrees without ferment stalling and that definately reduces the funky 'green apple' type of thing. go for it!
  20. mfdu


    i've never had a problem - the wrap has always stayed in place, even when harnessing the awsome powers of t-58 yeast and the krausen touched the underside of the wrap. and once the yeast is pitched i generally don't draw a sample until krausen has subsided, so no manual pressure release (err...
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