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  1. yankinoz

    Kveik Dry Yeast

    In some respects they may have been. I once found in the Royal Museum Library a reproduced account from Henry VIII's household, which mentioned one lady-in-waiting who had a daily beer ration of four gallons. I doubt Elisabeth II would stand for that. Later there was the happiness of Beer Street...
  2. yankinoz

    The Corona Virus (COVID 19) Thread

    Coronavirus mortality rate and litres per capita annual beer consumption: Italy: 7.1%, 34 L Germany: 0.21%, 104 L Get off the vino and back on bierra, folks.
  3. yankinoz

    Kveik Dry Yeast

    Why did farmers in coastal Norway, where mean summer temps are below 20, develop yeasts that ferment at 30-40? Any thoughts? Because of the temps, I won't try it soon, but kveik news is of interest.
  4. yankinoz

    The Corona Virus (COVID 19) Thread

    Don't downplay it. WHO's calculated reported mortality rate is now 3.4 percent. about 35 times that of the present seasonal flu. What do you consider "dramatic?" In either case there are unereported mild cases, but by definition we don't know how many. Yes, the rate is higher among the elderly...
  5. yankinoz

    The NEIPA thread

    What's the point of the flaked barley? What do you mean by wheat?
  6. yankinoz

    Hazyness is NEIPA/Hazy IPAs

    Carapils in that recipe is superfluous. Use more oats instead. The one NEIPA I made with 13% oats and a little wheat (as 65% DME) poured with a head that grew out of the largest mugs and then attacked Tokyo. The beer hidden underneath was hazy.
  7. yankinoz

    Grain Bill Question

    FYI: When APA recipes call for "two-row" and specify nothing further, they probably refer to what is given that name in the US, an ale malt with a less forward flavour than the English ale malts. Besides Briess and other US maltsters, Gladfield sells a similar "American ale malt." Almost all the...
  8. yankinoz

    Test of Perception

  9. yankinoz

    Adding bittering hops during fermentation?

    Get isomerised hop extract. It's what Corona uses anyway, along with a shitload of sugar.
  10. yankinoz

    Tried everything! Infection again!

    Plastic fermenter 10 years old, never had an infection. Wash with soft cloth and a little sodium percarbonate, then soak along with tap in percarb, turning the fermenter to reach all surfaces. Sanitize w Defender.
  11. yankinoz

    Kveik - what goes on in your fermentation fridge?

    Góðan daginn, While traversing the North Sea on our way to raping and pillaging in Yorkshire, we always fermented with Kveik in casks, but dragged them behind us in the chill waters to keep temps down. Bless. Eigil S P.S. Keep us posted on your results.
  12. yankinoz

    Looking for commercial beer featuring Northern Brewer hops

    Thinking about trying all NB hops in a brown ale. Going by what I recall from years ago of the hop flavour in Anchor Steam, that seems like a good idea, but I'd like to refresh my memory. Dan Murphy seems to have dropped Anchor Steam. Are there other beers, Aussie, US or whatever, that feature...
  13. yankinoz

    Lalbrew New England Yeast

    I used 2 pkts for 19L of a NEIPA at 1.065 OG. Attenuation was high. The finished brew seemed to have the desired "juicy" quality. How much of that was from the yeast and how much from Mosaic (40g) and Kohatu (80g) hops in a stand and dry hopped it's hard to say. It has stayed hazy in the...
  14. yankinoz

    Kettle on Propane Burner--How High?

    I'm going outdoors and to propane. How do most of you support the kettle above the burner? I'm thinking about supporting a long cast-iron stovetop piece or open grill on a single layer of fire bricks. The weight will be less than 25 kg.
  15. yankinoz

    First extract brew recipe (American Pale Ale) - Advice for improvements?

    I do AG now, but offer the following: Notty ferments quite low, even down to 12. I always liked it best in APAs starting at 14 or 15 and only raising to 20 when visibly active fermentation finishes. My preference for APAs is BRY-97, then US-05. Why boil that long? Since DME formation is not a...
  16. yankinoz

    Mosaic extra pale ale

    To my tastes a Galaxy dry hop went beautifully with Mosaic in an APA doses and again in a huge NEIPA (also had Riwaka). Peachy. Dry hopping with Cascade for only a day or two, which extracts plenty of aroma but some claim leaves little time for biotransformation (??), brings out floral aromas...
  17. yankinoz

    Marijuana / Cannabis Beer Recipe

    Or you could smoke hops and have breath smelling like a NE IPA for days afterward.
  18. yankinoz

    Geelong water

    James, many thanks for posting now and a couple years back those reports, which have Cl, Na and alkalinity data not on the Barwon Water website. In southern Belmont I've been using the data for "Highton," Both are in Barwon's "Pettavel catchment area." I regularly hit mash pH close to Brewers...
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