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  1. DJ_L3ThAL

    MELB FREE 30L x2 & 25L x1 Fermenters

    so sorry mate someone got in a few hours earlier and said they’ll grab them tomorrow. If it falls through I’ll let you know [emoji106]
  2. DJ_L3ThAL

    MELB FREE 30L x2 & 25L x1 Fermenters

    I’ve got a couple Chronicals now so these won’t get used again. Always hot PBW cleaned and rinsed, stored dry with glad wrap on top as seen. Have a bucket of taps with seals and lids with seals too, one lid has grommet and hole for airlock. 2x 30L blue Bunnings square style 1x 25L white round...
  3. DJ_L3ThAL

    MELB Gear for sale (SS valve, SS false bottom)

    1.5" SS Butterfly valve with triclamps Good condition, is an extra that I do not need. Has been PBW cleaned and sanitized. Ready to use after a food grade live up. Ends are capped. Ends are 1 1/2” (1.5”) triclamps $50 pickup in North East Melb...
  4. DJ_L3ThAL

    FS 20l Braumeister, Melbourne

    Hope to hear from you soon? Cheers
  5. DJ_L3ThAL

    FS 20l Braumeister, Melbourne

    Sent you a PM cheers
  6. DJ_L3ThAL

    FREE (MELB): Fermenting fridge (all fridge)

    All good mate. I don’t think it’s lost all the gas as it was ok for ale and lager (10C) ferment temps in summer. Just couldn’t cold crash to -1C etc...
  7. DJ_L3ThAL

    FREE (MELB): Fermenting fridge (all fridge)

    Bought a fridge about 9 months ago from eBay for $75 and it worked perfectly until I shifted things around in the garage and now it does not get down to cold crashing temps (was getting to -1C). But it seems to work OK at regular fermenting temps (during summer). Probably lost the gas but I got...
  8. DJ_L3ThAL

    Vic 2017 Xmas Case Swap - Tasting Thread

    That recipe is great thanks mate! Lovely Pale Ale!! Some further discussions here AJ - can't wait to try that Oud Bruin but just can't decide when!
  9. DJ_L3ThAL

    Inkbird Giveaway! Open to All!

    I’m in a dingling
  10. DJ_L3ThAL

    Gone craft brewin`

    Gone craft brewin`
  11. DJ_L3ThAL

    Beer Stone Stain in SS Fermenter

    What’s beer stone look like?
  12. DJ_L3ThAL

    All Australian Koala Scat Saison

    Pics or it didn’t happen, of brew day preferably...
  13. DJ_L3ThAL

    Vic 2018 Xmas in July Case Swap

    Yes, it really complements the faecal aromas!
  14. DJ_L3ThAL

    Vic 2018 Xmas in July Case Swap

    Looks like that is settled then...
  15. DJ_L3ThAL

    Newbie Pluto Beer Gun Help

    Howdy gents and gals, my Andale pluto has been amazing for about 4 years now, however recently it all of a sudden started leaking out the end slightly, so I backed off the nut which reduces the spring force and the leak stopped. But after this it no longer had a smooth, laminar flow and was...
  16. DJ_L3ThAL

    Husky's 2.5BBL Collaboration Brewery Build - 3V 300L

    There are no words. [emoji114][emoji119][emoji122][emoji119][emoji114][emoji114][emoji119][emoji122][emoji119][emoji114][emoji114][emoji119][emoji122]
  17. DJ_L3ThAL

    Vic 2017 Xmas Case Swap - Tasting Thread

    Dr Rocks Pale Ale - Stunning mate! Loving the hops, perfect balance between fruit/aroma/flavour and bitterness. Mj raspberry sour - Enjoyed this today, perfect weather for a sour and has edged me closer to wanting to take the sour plunge Droids wit - think I got a dud bottle as mine was as...
  18. DJ_L3ThAL

    Aldi specials

    Will put pump at the rainwater tank so this will feed a 3/4" pipe down to a 3/4" garden tap about 15 metres and from there will use normal garden hose to connect up to my chiller (about another 5-10 metres) which I then either plan to try and return all the way up to my roof (might not be...
  19. DJ_L3ThAL

    Aldi specials

    Cheers for the reply. I'd like to return the water post-chiller to my roof and let it cool down and drain back into the rainwater tank, so it's probably about 40-60 metres of length it will need to go. Also would like to use it for a water hose to water my garden, so guessing I'll need the ALDI...
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