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  1. razz

    Beer Line Issue

    My first thought is the beer in the keg is frozen or partially frozen BK, take the lid out and look at the beer, after depressurising of course. Also looking at the outside of the keg would see noticeable frost. This can come from the keg sitting hard up against the wall where the coolant lines...
  2. razz

    San Diego Super Yeast Review - WLP 090

    What were the FG's on those beers please mate?
  3. razz

    Need Help: First BIAB Recipe

    I'm not using BF but you will have to go into the equipment set up and be more accurate with the numbers you put in. The numbers for pre and post boil are wrong, but you know that already.
  4. razz

    Ozito drill mounts

    Is that the PET mounts that were made on a 3D printer?
  5. razz

    Mashmaster fluted mill

    I'm sorry that it didn't work out Koolkuna, I'll buy it back if that suits you?
  6. razz

    Holgate Esb Any Idea's On A Recipe

    Thanks for taking one for the team WEAL.
  7. razz

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I use such a set up Bobsledboy, it has plenty of grunt. I use it on my CIP.
  8. razz

    The Corona Virus (COVID 19) Thread

    If we run out, and that's a big if, I'll use the hand shower in the shower recess. I'm thinking of putting in a bidet seat and doing the toilet paper company out of my business. What about when the beer runs out? I'd be more scared then than now.
  9. razz

    Millmaster Mill

    This is the original handle from the discontinued Mashmaster mill koolkuna, if we can get it to fit your mini mill we can work out a price. I'm pretty sure it's 1/2".
  10. razz

    Cleaning Glasses

    I use one of these and some cold PBW. Although you need to use a good cold/hot water rinse afterwards. Makes the headmaster glasses look brand new.
  11. razz

    Was lurking now posting

    Good luck with the brew ventures B, you will have fun doing AG. Love the name, Adam Sandler fan I'm tipping.
  12. razz

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Hi Ben, I’ve got the 65 watt model. I initially got it for CIP on my brewtech fermenter but I use it pretty much for everything now. I’ve had a March pump for many years but it couldn’t match the flow for the CIP spray ball. The 65 watt model is a quality unit, Im very happy with it.
  13. razz

    Dan Murphy Special

    Got these just now at Dan’s in Mornington 3931, if any locals are interested. Still in date until March. $26.99 discount 5-6 packs left in trolley at checkout
  14. razz

    Brewzilla, Witbier, 50% wheat, how much Rice Hulls

    Hi Andrew, please weigh out 450 grams of rice hulls and you will be surprised what the actual volume is. You may not be able to fit that much in with your malt. I was thinking try 50 grams first and stir that in and see how it looks.
  15. razz

    Inkbird Giveaway for Temp Controller ITC-310T-B for New Year !

    Hey Inkbird, please give this bloke a unit.
  16. razz

    Vale. My trusty temp controller

    I’m on my second!
  17. razz

    Vale. My trusty temp controller

    I headed out to the man cave, after dinner, for a schooner. Open tap.......no beer, open other tap, nuh. Mmmmmmmm. Open keezer, give keg a tap, mmmmmm, pretty solid sound there. Tap another and another and another! Shit, six frozen kegs. So, remove said temp controller and fitted Inkbird 308...
  18. razz

    Full Volume Efficiency Questions

    Hi BL. I started doing no sparge on my braumeister a while back and I got a drop in efficiency. I started stirring the mash 2-3 times during the main rest, that helped my efficiency get back up.
  19. razz

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    https://www.kegland.com.au/flow-control-ball-lock-disconnect-flow-restrictor.html Failing that, you may need to give the shop a call or post your question on the Kegland FB page.
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