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  1. mr_wibble

    NSW brew comp

    I've registered as a go-fer on Saturday morning.
  2. mr_wibble

    Is my local homebrew shop giving me good advice?

    When dry yeast first rehydrates in whatever medium, basically that liquid is directly absorbed into the cell. Because the yeast is dry, the cell walls are not in a fit state to properly protect the cell. Putting dry yeast directly into wort can result in a 50% reduction in yeast viability [1]...
  3. mr_wibble

    To start or not to start

    True, but worst-case: the yeast gets a little dormant overnight, and 20C is not too hot during the day. Thus, this level of temperature is not a reason to not-brew. Pitch your yeast in the morning, wrap fermenter in a blanket during the night.
  4. mr_wibble

    To start or not to start

    It's still cool enough at the moment that you don't need temp control in Lake Macquarie. Most days are currently around 18C. The fermentation temperature is really only critical (in terms of ester production) for the first few days too. So if you can keep it warm and/or cool by moving it...
  5. mr_wibble

    Am I ok to bottle?

    Sure, generally fermentation completes in 7-10 days. But it never hurts to leave it for 2 weeks, whereas stopping early can be problematic. Most of the "heavy lifting" of fermentation happens quickly, typically in the first few days. If you take Specific Gravity (SG) readings, you can track...
  6. mr_wibble

    Just another controller build

    Looks cool, are you going to show us the inside ?
  7. mr_wibble

    Golden promise weizen?

    I made a bunch of German-style cloudy wheat beers with 50/50, 40/60 even 60/60 ;) I find they sometimes lack body (IMHO), and I think you want about 3-5% crystal in there too. Maybe something light, carapils would work. But you seem to also be referencing Belgian Wit style (which does use...
  8. mr_wibble

    New research on dry yeast

    That's a great document, but the font kerning hurts me.
  9. mr_wibble

    WTB: Used pin lock keg posts

    Geeze, I've got a bag full of them here. Are you local?
  10. mr_wibble

    Leaking keg: gas pipe wont seal

    Thanks for the replies. The o-ring is new-ish, it could even be new from the packet. I will try a couple of the suggestions and follow-up. (maybe it's just that o-ring) As far as I know the o-rings are the correct size. They are all working fine in the other kegs - after finding this leak I...
  11. mr_wibble

    When you just gotta make that Potato Soup APA!

    What was the starting gravity?
  12. mr_wibble

    2018 NSW State Comp

    Have you been out to Block & Tackle n87? http://www.blockntackle.beer/
  13. mr_wibble

    Leaking keg: gas pipe wont seal

    So I had this leaking keg. Gas was coming out underneath the gas post. I pulled out the pipe, replaced the o-ring, re-lubed, put it back together ... still leaking. I tried a new post ... still leaking. I swapped the gas pipe in from another keg. Leak stops. Thus, it must have been the...
  14. mr_wibble

    Help a ginger beer beginner out please - really low SG

    Entering 23 litres of water, 300g of Honey, and 1kg sugar into Beersmith gives an estimated OG of 1.020 I'm not familiar with "Morgan's Ginger Beer Kit", but I'll guess it's 1kg of malt & spices. Substituting 1kg of Coopers LME, gives a theoretical OG of 1.034 (again in 23 litres). Some things...
  15. mr_wibble

    Craft beer tax axed in federal budget

    Yes, but that's the change. The current excise for any given AbV-% bracket is different about that 48 litre mark. The mark is set to change from 48 -> 8 litres. So my point is, most "bottles" (mini-kegs etc.) will still be below 8 litres, and thus have no change in excise. Whereas currently...
  16. mr_wibble

    Recipes for soft c*cks

    Munich Helles. Belgian Blonde The interesting part of the question - exactly what part of the flavour profile do they have issues with? Personally, I don't like a strong back-of-the-tongue lingering bitterness, I really like NEIPA, and I love stupidly-bitter IPA - but only if the bitterness is...
  17. mr_wibble

    Craft beer tax axed in federal budget

    I don't think it will reduce the cost of bottled beer at all, since the excise is not changing on vessels of that size. Maybe we'll see a rise in 8 litre stubbies ;) What will be good is that small venues will be able to buy 20 litre kegs at the same price as bigger ones (with respect to...
  18. mr_wibble

    Did anyone see the new beer with shipwrecked yeast?

    Where is that at tdh? Camperdown?
  19. mr_wibble

    Craft beer tax axed in federal budget

    No, but it's complicated... For starters (for beer) there's different tiers of tax based on the AbV, < 1.15%, <3.5% > 3.5% < 1.15% there's no Tax. (for >1.15 but <3.5 I don't remember) For > 3.5% the tax currently is $49.50 per LAL in a bottle, and $34.87 in a keg. (where "bottle" is any...
  20. mr_wibble

    2018 NSW State Comp

    I'm not complaining, it's much closer for me, I can drop my entries off in person. Gosford show ground is a bit out-of-the-way, that's all.
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