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  1. slcmorro

    New FB Group

    Search 'Way Out West Home Brewers' please lads and lasses, on FB.
  2. slcmorro

    Keezer Build

    Hi guys, Thinking of doing a simple keezer collar build, with 4 taps. I've seen some builds with and without insulation on the inside of the collar. I've got a chest freezer that can fit 6 kegs + 2 x 9L on the hump at present running off an STC1000. Just after a few opinions around the...
  3. slcmorro

    Ballarat catchup?

    Howdy all. Trying to gauge interest in a meetup sometime in the New Year, Feb/March-ish. Something within walking distance to each venue, so a Munsters/Athletic/Hop/Mallow/*insert another option here* venture, from lunch time until stumps. Post away with dates/ideas, and we'll see what we can...
  4. slcmorro

    Free: Stirplate Housing

    Hi, A friend of mine used his 3D printer to print me up a housing that I believe is suitable for the following: http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xdiy+striplate.TRS0&_nkw=diy+striplate&_sacat=0 It's just a bog stock standard blue colour...
  5. slcmorro

    Euro Tour

    So, myself and the soon to be wife will be travelling around western Europe for the better part of a month on our honeymoon. The intinerary is fairly fluid, except for our initial stay in England (first night in Wembley already booked), our 4 day stay in Munich (during Oktoberfest, already...
  6. slcmorro

    Whoops... screwed my step mash.

    So, whilst ramping from 65-70 I went and did some whipper snipping... came back and my mash was at 88c. I immediately added 5L of cold and it got down to 70c in about 45 seconds. Have I competely ruined the third stage of the mash? Im guessing it was over 70c for 10mins or so. 88c is pretty...
  7. slcmorro

    Check out this mold...

    So, I have this little bit of mold on the top of my Pils I brewed recently. It's been in the fermenter for about 3 weeks now, and the grav is slowly but surely dropping. I used Wyeast 2001 however it had a massive lag time (I made a 2L double stepped starter but obviously 5L would have been...
  8. slcmorro

    Golden Promise/Maris Otter

    Hi there, Anyone got 3-4kgs of either GP or MO I can buy/swap?
  9. slcmorro

    How to use Brewing Salts

    Hi all, I've been brewing for some time now and the next of my brewducation I've decided needs to be water profiles and salts. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to start? I see all sorts of different salts/additives on offer through sellers, and recommendations for a specific...
  10. slcmorro

    Full Pint Bulk Buy (May)

    For those of you interested in going into the FP Bulk Buy (Orders close 24th May, pickup date is 13th June, link the the BB is here http://www.fullpint.com.au/blog/grain-bulk-buy-may-2015/) I'll be going down to collect my own order on the day. I don't have a spare seat in the car, but I do have...
  11. slcmorro

    BIAB Setup (Keggle, Burner, Stand)

    Hi all, Since I've been using my Grainfather for a while now, it's time to move the old gas fired rig on. I've done heaps of batches on this, and it's still in great nick. 50L CUB keggle with 1/2" ball valve and tap with barb. There's a 1/2" elbow inside as a pickup as well. Welded stand (very...
  12. slcmorro

    May Grain BB?

    Ok, so who's going to throw up a May BB? I know FP were thinking about it, but I haven't heard either way as yet. Any retailers in here going to run one, or is a member in/around Melbourne looking to do the same? I'm down to 1/4 sack of GP and just spec malts left! :(
  13. slcmorro

    Burning hop Bines?

    I am sitting outside right now enjoying a beer, and I am burning the dried hop bines in the incinerator. I know hops are related to cannabis however jeepers... My entire backyard smells like a frat house on initiation night!
  14. slcmorro

    Site going down?

    I've noticed quite a few times this year, this site being temporarily unavailable. Is it just me?
  15. slcmorro

    Wasted Hops?

    Not sure what happened here... My post was: See below photo - freshly dried and frozen Cascade flower, that I dumped out of the hop sock after 10 mins at the end of the boil. So much leftover delicious lupulin (the flower tastes bitter still) - makes me wonder if this is normal?
  16. slcmorro

    Coopers Free Shipping

    Hi there, I have one 'free shipping' coupon I was emailed for being on their mailing list. Valid until midnight on the 12th of Feb. Hopefully someone gets use out of it, enter it when you're checking out - DSC8fxHe2Z
  17. slcmorro

    Recipe Check - My First Stout

    SCOPE (English Stout) Original Gravity (OG): 1.049 (°P): 12.1 Final Gravity (FG): 1.012 (°P): 3.1 Alcohol (ABV): 4.81 % Colour (SRM): 22.7 (EBC): 44.6 Bitterness (IBU): 52.2 (Average - No Chill Adjusted) 75.27% Golden Promise Malt 6.45% Caramunich I 6.45%...
  18. slcmorro

    What to do with cherries and plums?

    Minds out of the gutter gents... I received about a kilo of each cherries and plums, which weren't getting eaten. I've literally just finished boiling them down in lemon juice and sugar on the stove, and have strained out all the pits and skin and flesh, and am left with this lovely deep red...
  19. slcmorro

    Recipe Check (IIPA)

    Hop Hammer (Imperial IPA) Original Gravity (OG): 1.092 (°P): 22.0 Final Gravity (FG): 1.020 (°P): 5.1 Alcohol (ABV): 9.40 % Colour (SRM): 8.1 (EBC): 16.0 Bitterness (IBU): 90.8 (Average - No Chill Adjusted) 66.27% Pale Malt 18.07% Liquid Malt Extract - Light...
  20. slcmorro

    Inception Brew

    I'm trying a Galaxy/Galaxy brew - BB Galaxy with Galaxy Hops. Something ready for around NYE, nice and easy to drink in the hot weather. I've never used Galaxy malt before, so after some suggestions/feedback on the below... Inception Ale 4kg Galaxy 500gm Carapils 500gm Torrified 10gm Galaxy...
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