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    Burnt batch with electric element

    Hi all. I’m in the process of converting to an electric brewery doing BIAB in a single vessel. Did my first run recently using the keg-king 2200 watt element and ended up with the batch tasting burnt and burnt wort all over the element. Never had this problem with a copper element of the same...
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    Wall mount drip tray

    Does anyone know somewhere here in Australia that I can get a drip tray like the one in the link below? I haven't been able to find any and really want something like the attached. I know Micromatic sell this one in the US but was hoping to get something local...
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    Advice regarding expanding brewing setup

    Long time lurker, now a poster. I've been brewing AG for a while now using a Big W pot (BIAB) and I'm looking to expand my system. Learnt how to do this lurking on these forums and a big thank you to those who developed the method here. Ultimately I'm leaning towards a 1V recirc system such as...
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    Apa Extract Recipe Advice

    Am looking to put down my second extract brew this weekend. Have developed an APA recipe using Ianh's Kit & Extract Spreadsheet. Would appreciate someone with a more knowledgeable eye going over it and giving any advice. Cheers for the help. American Pale Ale Predicted OG = 1.051 Predicted...
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    Unfermentable Sugars

    Wondering if anyone knows of any other unfermentable sugars than lactose. Would like to do a Ginger Beer from scratch that will be bottled. My understanding is that you can use either lactose or artificial sweetener to achieve the sweetness that won't be fermented out. The artificial...
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    High Fg Or Yeast Stalled?

    I recently returned to homebrewing and brewed my first extract + specialty grain brew. Used a cultured up Coopers Pale Ale yeast and all was going great. However the fermentation seems to have stopped at 1.014 which is a bit higher than I expected. It has been fermenting for 2 weeks at...