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    Barley Wine, how long to leave in secondary?

    Fella's, I brewed an AG BW on 22 March. It made FG on 1st April. I then racked it into the secondary & dry hopped it. Q; would I be better off to bottle it after 7-10days & let it condition, or leave it in the secondary for an extended period, say 30+ days & then bottle it. any advice will be...
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    Temp probe location

    Is it better to postion a probe into the beer, or tape it to the side of a plastic fermenter when fermenting in a fridge controlled by a STC 1000 or other controller. Cheers, Fozz
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    Hello from Tas

    Hello there, I have been BIAB for 10months. I like just about all beer styles however, IPA's are my current favourites. I am considerring "building" a HERMS & I am sure I will be asking lots of questions - temp controlled gas burners........ Cheers, Ian