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    Beer Made From Beer

    I was having a chat with some blokes at the last case swap about beer adds & had a bit of a rant about the CD "made from beer" adds. I've got a suspicion that CD is made from water so had a chat to Smurto about it to see if he thought it could be done. He seemed to think that it could. The beer...
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    AHB Articles: 2011 Close-enough-to-get-to-Adelaide spring case swap

    This is the discussion topic for article: 2011 Close-enough-to-get-to-Adelaide spring case swap Started on both forums as suggested on Saturday http://brewadelaide.com/forum/index.php?topic=280.new#new
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    AHB Articles: 2011 Close-enough-to-get-to-Adelaide winter case swap

    This is the discussion topic for article: 2011 Close-enough-to-get-to-Adelaide winter case swap The 2nd & 9th of July look good to me, Westies are on Sunday the 3rd & have a bye the week after. If it's later in July then I'll go to the swap after the footy.
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    2010 Adelaide, Mildura & Whyalla Case Swap Tasting Thread

    Phil & I are drinking Boston's IPA now. I'm pretty happy that I somehow ended up with 4 bottles of it.
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    Brew In A Bag In A Tun/kettle

    My main reason for asking this is that I've got a little bit of work to do prior to having my 3 tier system operational & there's an imminent beer shortage at the Hatchy brewery. I'm wondering if it's feasible to BIAB in a kettle which will eventually be my mash tun. My current thinking (until...
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    Whyalla Big Brew Weekend

    This weekend so far has involved 2 double batches & 2 single batches. The 3rd of each is boiling as I type. Crushing the grain for the APA which was the 1st single batch (we really wanted to use a blender but didn't have 1 so were forced to use a grain mill) Mashing in the APA Crushing...
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    "dry Hopping" Coopers Pale

    I bought some POR for the 1st time today & happened to have some CPA in the fridge. I figured it would be a great idea to put 5 "carefully measured" grams of POR into a longneck & see what happens. Has anyone else tried this? Have I wasted 5g of POR & 750ml CPA? should I just drink the beer...
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    Attempt At Epic Armageddon Ipa

    I had an Epic Armageddon IPA a couple of weeks ago & thought it was 1 of the best beers I've ever had. Given that it's pretty hard to find in Adelaide & pretty expensive when you can find it I figured I should try to make some. I used Ianh's spreadsheet combined with some guesswork, epicbeer.com...