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    Mash Master Mill Master Mini mill Bulk Buy.

    Batz you are awesome mate thankyou
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    Mash Master Mill Master Mini mill Bulk Buy.

    Hey guys can someone please add me to the list for the mill only. It's just a pain in the ass on a mobile
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    Sodium Percarbonate Brisbane Only EOI Rev 2

    hey guys I'll be keen for a sack
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    Dedicated Grainfather Guide, Problems and Solutions Thread

    My bottom plate is like that as well i havent had any dramas
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    Dedicated Grainfather Guide, Problems and Solutions Thread

    I was a bit annoyed but for a grand i guess its no braumeister but I am still very happy with it
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    Dedicated Grainfather Guide, Problems and Solutions Thread

    I pump through the chiller as well when no-chilling mainly so I can control the flow to the cube. I also had the cold water hose connection come off from the clamp last night be sure to retighten all clamps
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    Dedicated Grainfather Guide, Problems and Solutions Thread

    Jealous mate i got a stuck sparge with a 49% wheat bill I'll be lucky to get 70%
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    Qld Xmas 2013 Case Swap (Toowoomba) 14th Dec.

    awesome night cheers ben and amanda for hosting the awesome event, I'd like to throw out a massive thanks to tial pete for the tap handles they look awesome on the kegarator. cant wait to see the pics that liam snorkel got hopefully there is no incriminating pics of baily Lmao P.s the host...
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    First Extract brew, very excited.

    I love the first brew posts inspiring stuff mate before you know it you will have an urn an a bag churning out some of the best beers you have ever tasted!! But it also goes to show you don't have to go all grain to make excellent beer good on ya mate and keep at it
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    Too SOBA November meeting 1/11/13 Lager tasting

    1. BenKen25 2. Earle 3. Jenno 4. Beersuit 5. rick1111082
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    Too SOBA October meeting 4/10/13 stout comp

    I'll make this one boys looking forward to it
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    Issues Obtaining Rolling boil (BIAB)

    I use a insulated keggle with a 2400 element. The boil was more of a simmer till I floated a pie tin on top and that helped alot, now the weather is getting warmer in se qld I don't need to use the cake tin or the boil would be too vigorous.
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    Too SOBA September meeting 6/9/13

    Sorry cant make it boys, enjoy the night boys, is that kit saison keg finished yet?
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    Too SOBA August Meeting 2/8/13

    1. Earle 2. Benken25( I have all but run out of time i will sort something out it may even be a kit beer) 3.Fitzlp (Pale Ale bottled on 15th June) Hope it won't be too old 4. Beersuit ( might have to out do Ben and ferment my kit at 28 to get some more fruit) 5. Rick a heap of 1's 082 I'm...
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    Too SOBA July meeting Stout Tasting 5/7/13

    I guess I'll make an appearance :-) 1. Earle 2. Beersuite 3. BenKen25 4. Wal05 5. Jenno 6. Robv 7. Rick11111082
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    3V + HERMS For Sale (SEQ)

    He'll even give you a pack of mouldy muffins for free :-)
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    Kegging gear for sale

    hey mate I'll prob buy the fridge pending inspection, pm sent
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    Do tallies mature more slowly than stubbies?

    I should have called this thread do big bottles mature more slowly than little bottles lol
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    Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

    I can't wait to try earles s&w pacific ale recipie it will be 2 weeks since I put it down on Monday. Crash chill and bottle on Friday. Don't think I will be able to wait the usual month to try it though!!!??