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    punk rock lemonade and ginger beer

    happy friday everybody so ive got a verry busy brewing weekend first .... tonight im going to be making (currently typing this while i bring my water to a boil) a lemonade and a ginger beer .... both with recepies i found on AHB, that got good feedback. and i will be calling both these...
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    Bringing back nannas old ginger beer.

    So when i was a kid i spent alot of time at my nannas house while my parents worked. Shes the coolest (im 27 and i still think shes cool af lol). One of my fondest memmories is allways having ginger beer in the fridge.... and being told off for grabbing "adults" bottles. So i thought ide thought...
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    NYE brew day .... first brew day ever

    hi all. happy new year hope your all have a awesome new year. im doing my first brew today. i picked up a brewcraft 150 lashes clone box ... now i hav a few questions 1. the box says to heat on the stove top the light malt extract but not the pilsner malt extract..... should i heat them both...
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    Newbie from adelaide

    Merry Christmas to you all. Im new to this game long time beer lover first time brewing. I havent even done my first brew yet im just slowly putting my kit togeather... if anyone has any sugestions or tips on brewing on a budget please let me know.... Allso dose anyone have any sugestions on...