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  1. eldertaco

    2017 Yakima Valley experimental varieties

    Seems YVH have released some new experimental varieties, anyone getting any in? LHBS or homebrewers? The exp. Lemonaughty sounds interesting
  2. eldertaco

    eBay stock pots

    I've been looking at a few ~100L stockpots on ebay. Specifically the SOGA branded ones from buyinaus and the ones from thebestguys Anyone here bought one these? Thoughts?
  3. eldertaco

    Adding salts to boil

    I've been adding salts and acid to my strike and sparge water for a while now, but I was having a bit of a read around yesterday and it seems some people add salts to the boil. Anyone here adding salts to the boil? What's the reasoning?
  4. eldertaco

    Epic's 5 – 10 – 15 Rule for Dry Hopping

    Apparently their rule of thumb for dry hopping at Epic is 5g/L for pales, 10g/L for IPA and 15g/L for IIPA. https://www.epicbeer.com/the-5-10-15-rule/ I've never gone quite that hard but I've got an IPA and a DIPA in the ferment fridge at the moment, so I think I'll have a stab and see what...
  5. eldertaco

    Gage Roads looking to buy-back Woolworths

    Gage Roads Brewing is looking to raise $10.1m in order to buy back and cancel Woolworths’ 23.5 per cent share in the Western Australia brewer. http://www.theshout.com.au/2016/08/30/article/Gage-Roads-to-buy-back-Woolworths-shares/SSMTNBUBYL.html Can't say I blame them, from what I understand...
  6. eldertaco

    Garage Project Wireless IPA yeast?

    Anybody know which Brett is used in Garage Project Wireless IPA? Any idea if it is the non-brett brett (WLP644) or one of the other ones? Would like to make a beer with similar yeast characteristics. (tropical like, and not a whole lotta funk). I realise that it's a 100% brett fermented beer so...
  7. eldertaco

    Bottle from 1958 harvestable?

    I've been given a couple of bottles of Victoria Brewery Bitter Ale. Best I can tell they're from 1958 going by the labels. From what I understand it's VB from before they switched to lager yeast. The bottles have plenty of sediment in the bottom, I'm wondering if it's worth me having a crack at...
  8. eldertaco

    Black Rock Cider - Fermenting Problems?

    G'day all.. We've just done a Black Rock Cider kit, followed the instructions.. Used a kilo of dextrose in it.. All seemed to be good.. The following day however, the top of the fermenter seemed to be full of thick frothy foam, so full that it started to push it's way out of the airlock and...