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  1. GMK

    3 Tap Flooded Fonts

    Hi all, I have secured for Xmas 3 x lots of: - 3 Way Andale Carlton T Bar 15" (76cm) Chrome Flooded Fonts For Sale. www.andale.com.au - S/H in VG cond. - Come with the 3/4" S/H SS Snaplock adaptors in the font - normally 100.00 Brand New or 70.00 S/H on there own. - 4mm Beer line out the...
  2. GMK

    Grolsch Bottles - Adelaide

    Hi All, I have 57 Grolsch Bottles For Sale. Need to be gone by 09Dec09 - before I move. These are empty & cleaned. Looking for offers over 65.00... Happy bidding
  3. GMK

    Bar & Keg Set Up - Adelaide

    Hi All, I move in 3 weeks - and it will be a long while until i can get BrewInn Barossa set up again. So - i have the following for sale - don't want to break it up too much. 2 door commercial glass door fridge - 1.2m wide x 2m high exc condition - cost 450.00 (plenty of room for kegs...
  4. GMK

    Anzac Challenge

    Hi All Fellow Brewers... For next years Tanunda Show - we are thinking of adding the ANZAC Challenge. Description is below.... We were wondering how well our Idea will be received and what you guys think... :rolleyes: All feedback welcome.. Now where did I put my Flame Suit - forgot to buy...
  5. GMK

    GMK - Embroided AHB Shirts

    Dam - i was organising this behind the scenes.... I have the logo from Franko all sorted - just getting some of the colours right. Sorted shirt - went for an aussie spirit one...best shirt I could find.as in ANTI BACTERIA EMBROIDERY KOOLDRI 2 GEN. MINI WAFFLE POLYESTER SCREEN PRINTING UPF...
  6. GMK

    Herms System

    Hi guys, et all. I am having a discusion with some one ( nameless) on the use of a Herms system. he is all about making the best beer that he can...(and making better beer) He now feels taht he needs a Herms system to make a better/best beer. Someone he know won best beer of show and uses a...
  7. GMK

    Gmk In Brisvegas

    Hi Guys, Will be up your way for my Twin Brothers Wedding on Friday 6th Mar 09. At this stage i have the Sat free. Sunday is Family BBQ and we (Mrs Kenny - aka The Luckiest Woman Alive and I ) fly out on the Monday. Will be staying at the Brook Hotel (Osbourne St) Mitchelton with NO...
  8. GMK

    Tanunda Show 2009

    Hi All, Entries in by 4th March. www.tanundashow.org.au BJCP Registered and looking for BJCP judges and stewards for Judging on 7th Mar 2009. HOME BREWED BEER SECTION HB ENTRY FEE: $3.00 Entries close Wednesday 4th Mar 2009 All entrants will receive a FREE copy of Beer & Brewer Magazine...
  9. GMK

    Bulk Buys

    Hi All, Was wondering if anyone has contacts to source a good price on the 2400w Immersion elements that we could organise a bulk buy of... Volunteers sought.... TIA
  10. GMK

    5 Way Flooded Fonts

    Hi All, I have access to 4 x 5 way Chrome Flooded Fonts - 425.00 + freight. (Normal retail close to 1000.00) These are "T Bar" Carlton Fonts as at the Andale Site - www.andale.com.au They are 300mm high x 598mm accross. Come with Brand New beer line attached.... Some things you might need to...
  11. GMK

    Gmk At Belgian Beer Cafe ~adelaide

    Hi All, Will be in town at the Belgian Beer Cafe from 5.30pm to 7.30pm - tomorrow 26Sep 09. Happy to meet up with any fellow AHBers there - will have a few drinks and probably tea then off somewhere else. Will not be on the forum tomorrow so hope to see you there. Will have my Burgundy &...
  12. GMK

    Sa Ahb Get Together

    G'Day fellow brewers - i have a hold on some 10 powered sites at the Port Broughton Caravan Park for the Oz Day long weekend. Last year was a great family weekend that was organised by the Barossa Brewers Club. Currently the brew club has 6 sites and 1 unit booked - so we have some free and we...
  13. GMK

    Adelaide Grain Swap

    Hi All, I have bought and opened up a bag of Peated Smoked Malt. Happy to swap kilo for kilo for any of the following grains; ~Caramalt, ~Acidulated ~Choc Wheat, ~Choc Rye Malt, ~Caravienna, ~Special B, ~Honey Malt, ~Grambrinus Honey Malt, ~Belgian Araomatic. ~Biscuit Send me a PM if...
  14. GMK

    Brew Club - Legalities & Responsibilities

    Hello All, Seeking some help & advice. I can't seem to find a Legal definition for what constitutes a Club and the legal responsibilities associated with a club. This has come about as the Barossa Brewers CLub may incorporate. One of the main reasons for this is to establish a fund and to get...
  15. GMK

    Gmk Goes To Perth Apr08

    Hi All, We are coming over to Perth for a wedding on 19Ap08. Will be catching up with some friends up at Bullsbrook. Dates are over 17 Apr08 and Back Tues 22Apr08. I hope the Perth AHB Chapter can organise a warm AHB Gathering one day that I am over. So far - we have only scheduled the...
  16. GMK

    Bjcp Judges

    Hi All, Well the Tanunda Show Judging will be on 23 Feb 2008 at BrewInn Barossa in Lyndoch SA~ my place. If there are any BJCP Judges who will be in town then and wish to come up and judge - please PM Me. Hoping to start judging at 10.00am. We are providing; - free BBQ lunch on the day. -...
  17. GMK

    Tanunda Show

    Thought it would be better to start another Topic just for the 2008 Tanunda Show. Entries are 3.00 Ea - Aiming for a BJCP Sanctioned Event. Entries Close 13th Feb 2008 for the Tanunda Show on 8th Mar 2008. will be SS Jacketed Sand Blasted Beer Tankards for 1st places. Coopers Merchandise &...
  18. GMK

    Cool Room - No Reserve

    Find this for you - Angle Vale Takeaway closing down. It needs a 9.00 bid to start. Coolroom... http://www.graysonline.com.au/lot.asp?LOT_ID=1941168 Looks Good.
  19. GMK

    March Pump For Sale

    Hello All, I have a brand new March Pump for sale. Only used once for testing. Comes with Bracket, plug and SS Ball vlave and garden fittings. I was going to make a single tier brewery - but have opted to stay with the gravity setup instead. Best offer over 225.00 If it goes to Adelaide pick...
  20. GMK

    Flooded Font

    Hi All, I have managed to secure the following; S/H Gold plated Lucky Seven Four Tap flooded Font. Comes with SS Counter insert Drip tray. goto www.andale.com.au for pics. Told it is good condition. These fonts are 700.00+ and the drip tray is 400.00+ brand new. 550.00 incl reg post in...
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