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    What would you do

    Hey all Contemplating correcting a low gravity for a brew done today. Brew is a 56 L batch of Dubbel/Tripel, with a target of 1.068 and an actual of 1.062. The recipe is basically a dark strong belgian, a little on the lighter ABV side. Target ABV is 8.6%, actual reading gives 6.9% assuming...
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    Weird gluten free ferment

    Pitched an extract brew made with sorghum extract and rice malt syrup two days ago. First of its kind. The ferment is pretty weird. I presume everything is ok, but post for interest. Looks like big clumps of yeast have grown, filling up to half of the volume at the moment, and very little...
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    Calculating fermenter addition to hit temp

    Hey brains trust I'm looking at helping a mate to do an extract brew. Propose to do a boil with the extract and add hops etc. What I'm trying to work out is the calculation to hit an 18 degree ferment temp, where X litres of boiled extract etc at say 100 degrees would be mixed with X litres...
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    Olive oil drum blow off

    Hey all I just pitched about 45l of wort into a 50l Aginox olive oil drum, using glad wrap to cover. A little worried about a krausen explosion, and contemplating how I could fit a blowoff. Anyone got any examples of doing this? Options probably are: drilling the lid and using a grommet and...
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    Pot size

    Hey all I've been codjega....cogdegat...codega....thinking about getting a new pot for a while. Currently use a 2V herms type system, with a 50l mash 'pipe' inside a 90l kettle, and a 50l HLT. Recirc mash, lift pipe out and boil with NASA. I do generally 50l batches. The malt pipe is a little...
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    Element install

    Hey all I made a HLT on the weekend with a 5 star element and housing. Everything went well, no leaks etc. However, one aspect is troubling me. I didnt use the hard white seal between the housing and the pot, to ensure i got a good earth - which I did, tested with a voltmeter (resistance)...
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    1v Pid strike temp

    I am doing a first brew on an updated 1v rig with a ramp/soak pid and recirc tomoz. Just thinking about the strike temp. I was thinking I use the pid to get to mash temp, then put the grain in. This will drop the temp a couple of degrees. Will take, not sure, but perhaps 5 mins to get back up...
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    WTB pumps etc for 3v controller build

    Hey all Throwing it out there, I'm chasing two wort/water pumps, if you have any surplus to your needs, in good condition of course, let me know. Also would be interested in three peice ball valves, cam locks etc. Essentially I am prepping to set up a 3v, so chasing these kinds of bits...
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    Controller amps and elements

    Hey all I am preparing to build a controller using herms, pids, and elements. Looking at elements for the HLT and HERMS. 5 star distilling weldless elements and housings look ok and come highly recommended. http://www.5stardistilling.net/weldless-2400w-element-guard/ I will have a 15 amp and...
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    Postage options

    Hey all From time to time, it becomes necessary to source various bits and peices from around the place. For larger or heavier items, Auspost private (non business) rates can be a little harsh. Anyone have any good tips on the most economical way to get stuff sent around? I found a site...
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    Changing ferment temperature

    Seeking some advice. I have two 25l brews in the ferment fridge which are a week in, started at 18 deg, and bumped to 20 deg a couple of days ago. One batch has 1056 and one has Denny's Fav. I also have another two batches that I am keen to get started, both will be with Denny's. All will fit...
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    Ooold Irish Ale yeast starter

    I have a vial of Irish ale yeast dated 11 March 2014. Brewers friend calculator shows 0% viability. Is it possible to bring it back from the dead? If it is worth a go, what size starter should I use (I have a stirplate). Any thoughts? I need to get some yeast cranking for the next batch, if...
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    Yeast starters

    Read all the threads and more, appreciate a little advice. First time making starters. Background: I split a Wyeast smack pack into 4. Put 30ml into 200 ml wort for 24hrs, then into 1.6l this morning. Using a stirplate. Currently fizzing away madly. Q's: How do you know when it is time to...
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    Yeast issue

    As I posted in the US05 thread, having a couple of issues with yeast starting. 2 all grain batches, 24l each: Batch 1 OG 1.059 pitched a re-hydrated 10g dry pack of US05 on Monday 19 Jan. No visible krausen or SG drop over next 4 days, pitched some (not sure how much) rinsed yeast on Friday...
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    Mr B's All Grain Adventure

    Hey All Been reading this site for many months, and planning to make some beer. May as well make this the spot to tell my story and ask questions along the way. By the way, the site is excellent and peoples seem great, informative and entertaining. I quite like beer, and the nature of making...
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    Big W 19l pot lid size

    Hello all Could anyone do me a rather large favour and measure a glass Big W pot lid. Would appreciate the overall diameter, and if possible also the outside diameter of the lip underneath. Many Thanks
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    Cool ice esky mash tun

    Hey all Setting up for a first all grain brew. I have a 55l Waeco Cool-ice esky I would like to use for a mash tun, and would like to fit a ball valve without drilling or completely ruining the esky. Plumbing stores in coffs have not been to much help, 15mm brass all thread seems a bit tight...