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  1. contrarian

    Topping up the kettle post boil

    I was having a conversation with the brewer at our local brewery who said that they top up their kettle prior to whirlpool. They brew over gravity and then top up to desired volume and SG. It occurred to me that this seems even more applicable in a home brew environment where most people are...
  2. contrarian

    Sanke keg HLT/Mash tun

    I purchased sanke kegs for use as a HLT and mash tun and am looking at using triclover fittings to connect to the bottom of the keg. This sounds fairly simple, all you need is a 2" clamp and a compatible fitting with a 2" ferrule. The only problem is that it is difficult to find something that...
  3. contrarian

    White stout - Feast of Stevens clone

    After thoroughly enjoying the Feast of Stevens over Christmas from HopDog I have decided to make an attempt at it myself. It really was one of the most remarkable beers I tried in 2016. So the challenge is to get roasty, toasty flavour and thick stout mouthfeel while keeping the colour pale...
  4. contrarian

    HopDog Feast Of Stevens

    This is a truly remarkable beer! It's a white stout brewed with 3 different kinds of smoked malt and then coffee beans and cacao nibs added post fermentation. Has a smokey, roasty chocolately flavour that you might expect from a stout but in a pale beer. It is pretty rare that I am blown away...
  5. contrarian

    First Lager advice

    So I was at the LHBS today and they stock some white labs yeast so I always have a bit of a look to see what they have and whether there is anything interesting. After devising a convoluted method to maintain temp up around 18C for my porter that is currently developing a handsome krausen...
  6. contrarian

    Rye porter recipe feedback

    Am looking to do a rye porter this weekend but not having made one before thought I'd put it out for discussion. Had a look at the one in the recipe database but was missing half the ingredients. I could always source them but I have a shed full of grain so would prefer to use what's in stock...
  7. contrarian

    Saison and Stone and Wood PA clone in one brew?

    Have been planning 2 brews, on pacific ale clone and one Saison based on Tony's Bullshead Summer Saison. While researching this I noticed that the grain bills are fairly similar, in the ball park of 60% pils 40% wheat and similar IBUs are targetted of around 20-25IBU. I no chill so was...
  8. contrarian

    CO2 refill Sydney

    Does anyone know where I could swap or refill a 4.7kg keg king bottle over the next few days? Have run out and the local home brew store are saying at least 2 weeks before they can swap it (nowra) nothing else in the area is open until at least the 6th and it also seems that the keg king website...
  9. contrarian

    Micromatic stainless steel taps

    Just wondering if anyone has used these taps? They look like a good stainless steel option with flow control and the rotary valve is an interesting concept. At about half the price of cellis they might be worth a shot! http://www.micromatic.com/draft-keg-beer/taps-faucets-pid-4933ROTO-V.html
  10. contrarian

    Rabbits tears recipe

    Was joking with a mate on Friday about putting together a recipe in honor of the Rabbitohs falling at the penultimate hurdle... Again! One possibility is using some red x malt I bought recently to make a smash with hops accounting for the green. Can't seem to find out much about it so thought...
  11. contrarian

    Yet another first BIAB

    Finally did my first all grain BIAB yesterday afternoon and must admit it was easier than I could have possibly imagined. I decided I didn't want to worry too much about complicated recipes so was aiming for a 23l batch of a Maris Otter Ale and Amarillo SMASH. Mashed at 66 degrees for an...