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  1. J

    Perth: Rambo Burner

    Rambo burner for sale since I'm off overseas again. Its in its origional housing but I have ground a little off the top of the housing when I fit it to my brew rig. Great burner. $100, please PM if interested.
  2. J

    Fs: Perth - Keg Freezer, Co2 Btle & Ingredients

    All sold, thanks :)
  3. J

    Fs: Perth - Keg Freezer, Co2 Btle & Ingredients

    Grain is sold, only the cleaning goods remain. Enough there to last you a few years!
  4. J

    Fs: Perth - Keg Freezer, Co2 Btle & Ingredients

    Ok last couple of things: Grain per above $70 Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Metasilicate & Disodium Phosphate per above 50
  5. J

    Fs: Perth - Keg Freezer, Co2 Btle & Ingredients

    CO2 cylinder is sold, thanks
  6. J

    Fs: Perth - Keg Freezer, Co2 Btle & Ingredients

    So I am off overseas again soon and I don't have time to brew so in 'de-clutter' mode on the house. Please send a PM if interested, first in best dressed. Pick up is from Aubin grove, perth. Can pick up this arvo if your keen. I may be out for a bit but will get back to you. Jason $150 :-...
  7. J

    Perth: 6 X 19l Corney's, 3 X 9l Corneys

    sorry lads all have been accounted for :)
  8. J

    Perth: 6 X 19l Corney's, 3 X 9l Corneys

    OK, all kegs sold! Thanks!
  9. J

    Perth: 6 X 19l Corney's, 3 X 9l Corneys

    Remaining: 3 x 19L 1 x 9L Be sure to PM as I am not going to keep track of the thread :) This is the group of kegs, first pickup gets first pick as usual.
  10. J

    Perth: 6 X 19l Corney's, 3 X 9l Corneys

    Now: 4 x 19L avail 3 x 9L avail
  11. J

    Perth: 6 X 19l Corney's, 3 X 9l Corneys

    The shed is full so I am downsizing the keg fleet. Looks like the end of the world has been delayed so I can afford to carry a lower stock of beer. These are offered as is and pickup in Perth (SOR). All kegs are ball lock. 6 x 19L corneys: $40 ea 3 x 9L corneys: $80 ea
  12. J

    All Latest Threads Box

    Moved this to Off Topic forum as it adds no value to the "Forum Issues & Suggestions". For the OP, - colored headings generally try to draw attention to posts that are related to brewing topics/styles. It is based upon the sub-forum the post is in so as was stated before; retailers blue...
  13. J

    Links To Decent Textbooks & Articles

    I have removed the linked post above since it contained a link to copyright material. I know its not hosted on AHB but linking of copyrighted material on AHB is not allowed. If you choose to post in this thread be sure that what you are linking is legal to download. If it isn't it will be removed.
  14. J

    Importing Hops & Yeast

    I understand that pellets are fine but am wondering what paperwork needs to be done to bring them in yourself? I guess if you are going via hops direct its all done for you but if you rock up at the airport with a suitecase full there may be some issues? Is there a point (quantity/value) where...
  15. J

    RecipeDB Issues & Feature Requests...

    Should just work, click on a column heading and it sorts (except color). You should see the page reload when you click it.
  16. J

    RecipeDB Issues & Feature Requests...

    Seems like about time some new features made there way in :) I am the culprit to get it to where it is and I can see some good idea's in there. Its certainly great to see it being used. I am not making any promises but my interest is there once more. As I see it from a quick skim of the...
  17. J

    Long Time Members Who Dont Post Much

    Can't but help agree with a lot of the sentiment but things change with size I guess, makes it hard to spot the good threads amongst the noise. I still pop in every couple of days to see what I can find. I'm finding it hard to brew living in the US with beer relatively cheap and such a crazy...
  18. J

    Wtb - Usa Shopping List

    I've been over in the states for the last couple of years. There's no more sea freight so you have to do air, you can get some pre-paid style boxes which are small but have a large weight allowance (check usps.com). So if you are buying small heavy stuff like beer taps they are not bad, you can...
  19. J

    Belgium Ale And Belgium Candi

    Yes you can, you just have to work out the contribution of the sugar that you added. For that you need the specs on the candi sugar (I'm assuming something like this) which contributes 32PPPG (points per pound per gallon) .... US units. As it turns out that bottle is one pound so if you put that...