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  1. gaijin

    Word of advice - add rice hulls to any pumpkin beer

    Hey guys, I just thought I would put in a community service announcement.... I've just spent close to 4 hours sparging a 46L batch of spiced pumpkin beer. I added 2 roasted then mashed pumpkins into the mash - biggest...mistake...ever. Imagine sparging mashed potatos or a 100% wheat malt bill...
  2. gaijin

    Butane torch on sale

    Hey guys, If any of you were holding off getting a butane torch to sanitise beakers/jars etc for yeast storage, just a heads up that they go on sale this Saturday morning at Aldi for $15. Here is the link if you want to check it out. Bonus: you don't have to justify this buy to SWMBO- you...