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    New digital homebrew tap list software

    I've created a new digital tap list to display your homebrews (kegs, cans or bottles) TapitGood - TapitGood It is similar to Raspberry Pints or taplist.io and has integrations with Brewfather and Brewer's Friend to automatically sync your brews into TapitGood. Would love some feedback. Cheers
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    Boil kettle floating dip tube

    Just had a thought about possibly using a floating dip tube in the boil kettle. I use a plate chiller so need to avoid as much hop matter as possible. Whirlpooling isn't an option as it's an electric kettle and has the element running through it. What are peoples thoughts on this?
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    Foam, carbonation and kegging

    Picture this: An ice cold lager (XXXX, Carlton Draught, VB etc) poured at a pub in a schooner glass with an inch of head and bubbles that never stop rising off the bottom. That is how I want my beers to pour. The beer that comes out of my taps have a lot more foam than needed and isn't very...
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    Split top keezer build

    Thought I'd share my handiwork. Still needs tap handles and a bit of stain on the top and the skirting. Also needs another coat of the chalkboard paint. Fits 2 x 19 litre and a 9.5 litre.
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    Cheap kegs - what's the catch?

    I'm going to make the jump to kegging and I am just sorting out what I need. I've seen these super cheap kegs - https://www.keg-king.com.au/19l-second-hand-pin-lock-keg.html And also these cheap ones - https://www.keg-king.com.au/19l-second-hand-ball-lock-keg.html How can a keg be 30 bucks? Is...
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    **New** Brewery control software using WordPress

    Hi all, BrewPress is new brewery control software that uses the Raspberry Pi and WordPress. It is similar in ways to CraftBeerPi, but instead of being coded in Python, it is all written in PHP, HTML, CSS and JS. It is available to download for free from the WordPress plugin repository -...
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    Brewing salts packages

    Wondering if there would be any interest in being able to buy a 'brewing salts package'. You would choose your style of beer and the package would include all the necessary salts to treat a 23 litre batch for that style (using RO water). So you would buy a Stout package or an IPA package and it...
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    12v heating element to help boil

    So my new 50L kettle was struggling to boil 35L using the Keg King 2200w element. It was boiling but it certainly wasn't a rolling boil and I ended up missing my OG by about 4 points. I don't want to add another big element that would require using a different power point. But I've found a 12v...
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    Controller wiring help

    I'm building a mash temp controller using a RaspberryPi and Craftbeerpi and just wanting to make sure this 240v wiring is 110% correct. I will be getting my sparky neighbour to check it over once it is done but just wanting to try to get it right before i take it round to him. It will be...
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    I'm building a basket out of a bigw pot and wondering if this setup will work. It should hold about 5kg of grain. Do I have enough holes in the pot and will the mesh I'm using be too fine? The mesh is just a cheap splatter guard, which is finer than a normal kitchen sieve. Thoughts?
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    Stainless conical fermenter advice needed

    I've had a mate build a conical fermenter for me and I still need to sort out the racking port/valve. The plan so far is to drill a hole and use a standard 1/2" 3 piece ball valve attached via a weldless bulkhead. Question is, do I need some type of dip tube/racking arm internally or will it...
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    Help with a stout recipe

    I'm brewing a stout with a mate who knows nothing about brewing. And I know nothing about stouts. What could go wrong? I've cobbled together this recipe, could someone tell me if this is likely to turn out tasting okay? It falls within all the style guidelines using Brewers Friend for the...
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    Immersion chiller leakage

    I have a question about immersion chillers and whether or not a leaking chiller (with the chilling water going into the wort) would likely cause an infection. I've permanently installed my chiller into my urn so there are fittings going through the wall of the urn. I'm testing it at the moment...
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    Arduino controller help for BIAB

    I've decided to go down the arduino controller path for BIAB and need a bit of help selecting the right parts. I will have: Crown urn for heating 12v DC pump for recirculating during mash 12v DC pump for immersion chiller The arduino bits are where i need help. So far i have: 1 x Arduino Uno...
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    BIAB system. Would this work?

    I've recently picked up a crown urn (concealed element) and I'm wondering if this system would work as intended for BIAB. The idea is to have a recirculation pump that i will hook up to a controller to maintain mash temp. Then shut off pump and do the boil as normal. Once boil is complete and...
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    BIAB pid controller help

    I've recently got myself a little 20 litre crown urn to make the move into BIAB from extracts and have a few questions. I'm thinking that my ideal setup will be something like: Fill the urn Flick the switch on my controller Water heats to strike temp Add the bag and grains Controller keeps the...
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    Extract APA - will this be any good

    I've just put down an APA (probably more like an IPA) and I'm wanting some feedback on how I've gone about it and any issues you think there might be. The recipe is this: 10 litre boil for 60min Fermenting at 18c (US-05) and I'll leave it for about 3 weeks. Light DME - 1.65kg Amber DME - 1kg...
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    Black rock golden ale kit recipe needed

    This is my second brew after doing a stock standard coopers kit. I purchased a few ingredients and was hoping that someone could help out with a recipe. The ingredients I have on hand are: 1.7kg Black Rock golden ale can 1kg Dextrose monohydrate 500g dry light malt extract 500g maltodextrin...