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  1. J

    Perth: Rambo Burner

    Rambo burner for sale since I'm off overseas again. Its in its origional housing but I have ground a little off the top of the housing when I fit it to my brew rig. Great burner. $100, please PM if interested.
  2. J

    Fs: Perth - Keg Freezer, Co2 Btle & Ingredients

    So I am off overseas again soon and I don't have time to brew so in 'de-clutter' mode on the house. Please send a PM if interested, first in best dressed. Pick up is from Aubin grove, perth. Can pick up this arvo if your keen. I may be out for a bit but will get back to you. Jason $150 :-...
  3. J

    Perth: 6 X 19l Corney's, 3 X 9l Corneys

    The shed is full so I am downsizing the keg fleet. Looks like the end of the world has been delayed so I can afford to carry a lower stock of beer. These are offered as is and pickup in Perth (SOR). All kegs are ball lock. 6 x 19L corneys: $40 ea 3 x 9L corneys: $80 ea
  4. J

    Herms Build Version 1.0

    Well I have been going to move my system to a HERMs setup for ages and I have finally taken the first step with the heat exchange unit. Pretty basic design along the lines of many others, I wanted a smaller vessel (4" pipe) rather than use the HLT. I've yet to give it a test run so I will see...
  5. J

    Perth: Leaving The Country Sale

    Ok so I have 8 weeks left in this place until I am off for a few years to the US. Given that I want to build/buy a swish brewery whilst over there I am disposing of some of my current kit. I have two brews left ot do so this is available as of start of March - Perth only due to size. You...
  6. J

    Fs: 2 Way Gas Manifold

    Bought this a while ago from B3 but never got around to using it. you will need 5/16" ID gas line to use it. Linky link Best offer?
  7. J

    Fs: 10gal Gatorade Cooler (perth)

    This has been SOLD :) Time to start clearing some excess stuff I have. Prefer this to be pickup in Perth as posting will probably be a PITA so first dibs to perth people. Cooler is virtually new, used as an esky (!) once for a party and has been sitting in the shed since. Goes to the highest...
  8. J

    Black Wyeast!

    Well I have 40L of APA sitting in the fridge chilling down to 20degC for pitching tomorrow. Bought a brand new wyeast 1056 American ale to go into them (sep 06 so fresh). Smacked the pack and it swelled within 4 hours. Just drew off 3 - 4L of wort to step this up overnight and when I added the...
  9. J

    Fs: Beer Tap (twist Type)

    Twist type beer tap that came with my original keg system, used for about 9 months no problems with it. Make me an offer, if I don't get any higher than $40 I will give it a run on eBay. Its a fridge mount kinda one, pics below.
  10. J

    Saaz B Rhizome

    Once my house is built I am hoping to finally get into this hop growing game. I wouldn't mind starting with Saaz B but have not really found any references to rhizomes (I could be blind :B). Anyone know if you can get these in AUS and if so where? Thanks
  11. J

    Fridge Butchering

    Well I am sure this was being talked about a month or so ago but I can't seem to find the discussion. Given that the warmer months are coming up my keg fridge temperature cycles a bit too much as it has a freezer compartment on the top with a duct going down into the fridge. The temp in the...
  12. J

    Drinks Are On Me :-)

    Well today was the day and my lovely wife gave birth to our first child, a beautiful baby girl, both are doing fine. Totally rapt with it all and have had a few nice stong belgians to celbrate! :party: I am sure that by the age of three she will be able to pour a better pint than most...
  13. J

    Careful How You 'ingest' Sherry

    Ok the guy who drinks fuel from the bouser has issues but the last bit of this article just defies belief.
  14. J

    Fridge Upgrade Project

    Well after a day at an auction yesterday watching people paying way to much for things ($250 for 90L ali pots?) I managed to pick up a dirt cheap fridge to increase my serving capacity and allow me to condition lagers for as long as I like :) It cost me a tidy $100 + GST (pic below). The...
  15. J

    Hefeweizen Carbonation

    I have 2 kegs of Hefeweizen on gas at the moment, they have spent the past week @100kpa at around 2degC. Now this is my standard carbonation and I know wheat beers have a higher carbonation. After sampling it definately needs some more gas. A quick google gives a number of results ranging from...
  16. J

    Perth Gathering - January

    Ok well its my turn to host a brew day for the Perth chapter of AHB and of course any interstate visitors we have in town at the time. How does Saturday the 8th sounds to all, looks like Hoops will be leaving on the 9th so with a day of sampling & brewing he should get a good nights sleep for...
  17. J

    Future Proofing A Brewery

    Well its a bit of a techo article about Coopers using profibus to control their brewery, bit upmarket for my wallet unfortunately. An interesting snippet: Seems pretty low to me, would they really mash that low in a commercial environment or is this just wank by the author?
  18. J

    Cleaning Your Beer Taps

    Well today in conjunction with fitting the compensators to the taps I decided I may as well give them a clean for the first time since I bought them (6mnts ago). Well let me say that I will be increasing the frequency of this! There were some interesting lifeforms in there :o some even needed...
  19. J

    Perth: New Micro Spotted

    Went to Carousel on sunday to do some xmas shopping and there seems to be a micro being built on Nicholson rd near the canning vale area. It would be right near panama st on this map. The building is kinda Dutch/German looking (I think), the ones where it is rendered white with the timber beams...
  20. J

    Topping Up A Keg?

    A while ago I brewed a 25L batch of APA knowing that a good 5L would be going in the XMAS case. I kegged the first 19L chilled and gassed and left the remainder sitting in the secondary fermenter. Now that I have filled the XMAS case bottles and had some samples to confirm quality :D I am...