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  1. mongey

    few drops of blood in the mash ?

    so this is a new one for me Brewed on Sunday and had a issue with my tap fitting. leaking. Before it got too hot put my hand in to tighten the fitting inside and sliced my thumb a little on the thread didn't really think about it at the time but while cleaning up I found theres a coupe...
  2. mongey

    Wlp565 Belgian saison.

    So currently have my first saison with 565 in the fermenter. I brew a bunch of saison but have always stayed away from 565 after reading that it can be a pain to deal with. Standard pils ,wheat , Vienna recepie mashed at 64 Fermented at 24 Og 1052 For all the hype it was a very...
  3. mongey

    Styrian Golding aa 13%

    So. So I’m brewing a beer as I type. Just finished the mash and waiting for the boil to start I pull out the bag of Styrian I got yesterday and notice the printed label says 13.1% aa that can’t be right can it ? Must be a misprint t ?
  4. mongey

    Sigmund Voss Kviek ideas ?

    So I got a vial of this on the way. never used it . Just not sure what I'm gonna do with it first thinking something along the lines of my go to simple saison recipe ? pils, vienna , wheat and a little oats fermented at 40 or something stupid ? good starting place for it ?
  5. mongey

    Tres monts

    So I have a kolsch with wlp029 about to be cold crashed. Like to use yeast at least twice for value so thinking what to do with the yeast cake. A little reading says I could pull off a Biere de garde with the 029. Used to drink allot of tres monts so thinking something along that line rather...
  6. mongey

    Cleaning gear and water restrictions

    Heya so with the new water restrictions I'm thinking about my processes .I use a ton of water,and sodium perc, for cleaning every batch . I just let everything soak then wipe it down and rinse . My shit is always clean and have never had an infection. but I feel a bit guilty about using so...
  7. mongey

    Tilt owners you happy with it ?

    So I’m thinking of getting a tilt. Seems like a great tool. The hydro readings is cool but I like the idea of the accurate temp readings inside The fermenter. Has it lived up to the hype for you ?
  8. mongey

    all Maris otter with saison yeast ?

    Heya so bottled a saison on the weekend with imperial rustic yeast . have a cube of Mairs Otter Ella smash ready to go . was gonna use us05 but have a jar of the sasion slurry I could use kept the ella on the lighter side and is only 35ibu so its not overly bitter , but not sure how it will...
  9. mongey

    Imperial yeast rustic ?

    So I need to order a few bits pieces. New biab bag and some other small stuff. Was thinking of doing a saison next as it’s been 6 months since my last one and one of the online stores I use stocks imperial yeast. They just got a delivery of the rustic saison yeast. So thinking of grabbing...
  10. mongey

    Wyeast 3787- high attenuation

    so, just made a single that was going to be the starter for a Dubbel. But after bottling first batch im a little hesitant to reuse the yeast. First batch all Pilsner,mashed lowish at 64 d For 90 min. og 1056. It was A violent fermentation. Blew through the air lock constantly. Cleaned it up...
  11. mongey

    american brown bill

    started AG brewing in august and after a spring and summer of APA's , IPA's ,saison and beligan ales time to try out some darker all grain brews. want to start with a american brown . been googling a of bunch recipes and have ended up with this grain bill based on a few I liked the look of...
  12. mongey

    keg king maltmuncher ?

    heya currently get my grain milled from the HBS but with a new baby at home my brewing plans are gonna often get delayed thinking of getting a mill so I can mill myself when I know i'm gonna brew rather than have milled grain sitting around when things go off the rails I do 20 to 27 L...
  13. mongey

    Wand kept blocking.

    So last night bottling an ipa I had issue I haven’t had before. Dry hopped ipa with 120g pellets. Cold crashes all that. The damn bottling wand kept getting blocked. I have had it happen once or twice when bottling a hoppy beer before but I seriously cleared it 25 times. Took me an hour to fill...
  14. mongey

    Wort double the darkness expected ?

    Just cubed a saison.have Made the same recepir before with success. 70/20/10 Pilsner/wheat/Vienna.all the numbers are good but the wort is double the darkness what i expected Brew day was a little bit of a shambles. My wife is out all day and I waslooking after 3 year old at the same time and...
  15. mongey

    Modus Sonic Prayer clone ?

    I like this beer . cant seem to find any recipes for it online the website says its Munich, Wheat ,carahell any ideas what ratio would work with these malts in an IPA ? my munich use up to now has been as an enhancer ,rather than a main malt . Cara hell I got no idea.
  16. mongey

    hop spider or tube ?

    next few brews I want to cut down on my trub a little would like to get the current 5l loss down to 2 or 3 . those extra few long necks each batch help tide me over to next brew day , which with 2nd baby coming in a few months are gonna get more scarce I use a 50 liter pot with a tap for...
  17. mongey

    question for yeast cake pitchers

    ok. so I've never pitched onto the cake before . but research looks like its one of those things that's a no no but seems to be generally fine according to people who actually do it . same as BIAB and no chill were moons ago. Have a 1050 belian pale ale with wlp550 that I will bottle then...
  18. mongey

    any one have a good simple tripel recipe ?

    so last 2 beers have been low 5% to 5.5% drinkers. wanna brew another strong ale for the supplies and xmas break always keen to hear what you guys got up your sleeve .Google produces 1000 recipes that maybe be great or shite commercially like all the usual Belgian contenders .am leaning...
  19. mongey

    Live Grasshopper in fermenter.

    So this sucks. Have been fermenting a Belgian ale for 8 days with wlp550. Day 3 was a nightmare. Even with 3 liters headspace in fermenter it kept blowing krausen though the airlock and making a mess in the fridge Cleaned it like 5 times. So it spent hours here and there in brew fridge with no...
  20. mongey

    Mandarina Bavaria dry hop ?

    So have a Belgian pale ale fermenting with WLP550 . damn explosively I'll add. have given up cleaning the airlock for a couple days., keeps blowing though I grabbed some Mandarina Bavria for it as I had never used it before , added it to the boil late after some saaz . Have 25g left over...