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  1. Rocker1986

    Microscopic Views & Staining

    One of my friends was recently selling her microscope at a reasonable price, so I thought I'd pick it up to have a look at some yeast cells, mostly for my own curiosity. I also picked up some methylene blue stain to test viability, although I've read that it's not entirely accurate so I'm...
  2. Rocker1986

    OG Changing?

    Hi guys, I just transferred a batch of pale ale from a cube into my FV, and took a sample for an SG reading. When I took a post boil sample on the brew day, it read 1.046. The sample today is reading 1.043. WTF! I'm gonna go check the hydrometer in water again in a sec and see if it has gone...
  3. Rocker1986

    Keg losing carbonation/gas bottle issues.

    Hi guys, I have a question, which I think I've probably already answered myself but thought I'd get some other opinions. So, I poured a glass of my IPA earlier, which has been in the keg for a number of weeks now. Last glass from it I had on Saturday I think, and it was pretty well carbonated...
  4. Rocker1986

    Bottles to offload

    Hi everyone, With my recent switch to kegging, I now have a surplus of somewhere around 200 Sierra Nevada glass stubbies (355mL). These are pry off crown seal bottles. Obviously I don't need these anymore, and although I am keeping some for bottling the excess after kegging, I'd like to get...
  5. Rocker1986

    Isinglass + Polyclar

    Hi guys, I wasn't really sure where to put this, but anyway. I've done a bit of Googling on this question and so far I haven't found a definitive answer on it. I am switching to kegs at the moment, and I have got some isinglass which I plan to use in the FV to drop the yeast out prior to...
  6. Rocker1986

    Bottles wanted - Brisbane

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone has any stubbies they are looking to get rid of in the Brisbane area. I'm brewing a few batches of lager for a friend's wedding in October and trying to source some bottles other than my own stash to put them in. I don't really care whether they are twist...
  7. Rocker1986

    5 hour mash

    Yes that's right. I mashed grains for a batch today for about 5 hours. Not intentional but I got interrupted by something just after I'd put the grains in the bag and started the timer. Anyway, is this a real issue at all? The only thing I noticed during the boil was that there was more shit...
  8. Rocker1986

    Hello from Brisbane

    Hey everyone, My name is Kelsey, I have been a member on here for a bit over a year now but haven't posted anything really as yet. I used to brew about 10 years ago, just basic kits with no additions except some sugar and no temperature control, but stopped because I thought we'd chucked the FV...
  9. Rocker1986

    Ibu Calculations

    Hi everyone, First post on here, my name is Kelsey, just got back into brewing again a few months ago after an 8 year break because I thought we'd thrown out the fermenter, only to find it again in December. :lol: Anyway, I am going to put down Neill's Centenarillo Ale next weekend, got my...