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  1. dr K

    Speaking of Fast or Slow or No Chilling

    Whats best has been done to death. Today I tested my TimeWarp chiller. It is an immersion chiller, Canberra water with no additional chilling, just in and out. 40 litres of wort, water turned on at flame out: 4 minutes sub 60C 6 minutes sub 50C 8 minutes sub 45C 10 minutes sub 40C in a 38C shed...
  2. dr K

    No Chill Questions

    First off this is not a fish nor a trawl or even a troll, nor is it an invitation to defrost issues that long ago went off the boil. A lot of brewers no-chill, I do not ask why but I do ask: Do you NC and store for days/weeks/months and use when ready to ferment? If you do store do you store at...
  3. dr K

    Throw Out Your Cubes

    Those who know me also know that when it comes to No-Chill I am at best not an advocate. I have never, and probably never will, disparage the "Fresh Wort Kits" that are available from many suppliers, they are streets ahead of standard kit brews but in the end thats what they are. I pose the...
  4. dr K

    A Salutary Story

    I have a number of pet hates, indeed I have a whole whale of them and when they beach the vibes are not so good. Top of the spume though is " I never get an infection" or "I have not had an infection since 1995" or "Oh no, its not an infection leave it a month and it will pass". 15 days ago I...
  5. dr K

    Primary Secondary

    Primary and Secondary (usually joined at the hip and I guess referring to fermentation) are terms that are often used, not just here but in a multitude of brewing forums. The term (or terms) is so common that it has become a part of the lexicon, the reference to fermentation has been dropped. My...
  6. dr K

    Act And Region 2008 Comp

    The Canberra Brewers ACT Comp 2008 will be held over two days, October 11 and 12 in the Grosvenor Room at the Historic Olims Hotel, Braddon , ACT. This competition is open to all residents of the ACT and region and will follow the catergories and guidlines set down by the AABA for the 2008 AABA...
  7. dr K


    I notice a lot lot of reference on this forum to Tetrahops, apparently they are what the "megaswillionaires" use in their beers. Can anyone tell me: Why they are used (apparently almost exclusively in some cases)? What they are? What is specifically wrong with them? K
  8. dr K

    What Makes Homebrewers Brewers And Megaswill Crap?

    What is it about some (and someone flicking through this forum might be tempted to say so many) Homebrewers that gives them the authority to decree that MegaSwill (and I take it by MegaSwill they are referring to the products of the major brewers, here in Australia CUB and L-N) is crap, is...
  9. dr K

    Grain To Brain

    "Grain to Brain" is an expression I often see about the place, it is indeed a brilliant expression and deserves its place in the brewer's lexicon. The earliest recorded reference that I can find is in a post by Lindsay Dive on another forum, dating back to 2002. Some people say it goes back to...
  10. dr K

    Musings On Christmas Specials

    A comment on another thread re: excise above and below 48 litre containers set me musing. My understanding, and it may be a myth, is that in the lead up to GST (which would have increased the price of beer by 10% but reduced it by the the then sales tax amount 5%?..not sure either way a net...
  11. dr K

    Boomerang (beer?)

    As surely as global warming moves across our planet so will InBev. Here is a classic....those snooty beret wearing gauloises smoking deviants from France have fired a volley back at old Oz for our winemakers being so bold as to name some of our styles after some of their regions...... I feel...
  12. dr K

    Judging Standards And Fake Entries

    I guess that this is some attempt to join two threads, the OT label morphs beer and the what goes on behind the scenes. Just because someone has BJCP training and even recognition does not mean that they are a great judge. It does mean, however, that their skills and knowledge have been tested...
  13. dr K

    New Brewery

    http://www.shallowthroatbrewing.info/ Kurtz