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  1. Beil

    yeast washing and sodium metabisulphate

    I wanted to have a go at washing and saving yeast, it was only US05 but it fermented like a beast and plus if I can save $5-10 per brew that's good too. The only thing was;instead of using boiled/cooled water to mix the yeast bed into solution, I used the remains of my 25L Jerry can with my...
  2. Beil

    Just had my first bottle gushers

    I think I've figured this one out, but just wanted some clarification. I've got a raspberry Brown ale in bottles. FG of 1.01, in bottles since 18/2/17 A few bottles that's I've drank were fine. But I've just opened two in a row that gushed. I've just checked the gravity after drinking and...
  3. Beil

    how are people getting the best deal for their hops?

    I've been looking at the best way to purchase hops in bulk and I can't seem to be able to justify any big outlay. Simply trying to buy 500g online seems cheap enough, but as soon as you add postage it bumps it up to LHBS prices, so there's not much point there. Buying from the US, with postage...
  4. Beil

    cascading citra pale ale.

    I've been waiting for the LHBS to get a new supply of Citra in, they finally have so I'm planning on a heavily hopped pale (this might not even be that heavily hopped), combining the citra with some cascade I already have in stock after reading that they combine nicely; and using some millennium...
  5. Beil

    1kg grain storage

    Cheap as chips has these $2.50 cylindrical screw top plastic containers that can hold exactly 1kg grain. Perfect for the stuff that you don't use loads of (or have just bought and want to contain as you know you won't be using it all next brew; eg. Only using 40g of that roast barley next brew...
  6. Beil

    calculating efficiency BIAB question

    I've just completed my first BIAB (early variation of Dr. Smurtos Golden Ale) and I'm trying to use my figures to work out my conversion efficiency. I think I'm just confusing myself, so I'll try and write this as clearly as possible. Aiming for 15L in FV. Mashed 3.19kg grain in 14.6L water...
  7. Beil

    Adelaide water quality.

    Hi, my next brew is going to be BIAB Golden Ale and I thought I'd get and get my head slightly round the water profile I'll be using. I've found this as a report of the water I'm using...
  8. Beil

    Cooper's tins of goop special Big W

    Just a few dollars off, but every little helps at times Https://www.bigw.com.au/home/home-brewing/c/6522/
  9. Beil

    First brew tinglers

    Hey, figured jump right into a question and intro, from what I've read on here everyone seems happy to help each other out and a bit of banter. Haven't frequented a forum for a few years so it'll be good to have somewhere to learn aswell and not just post random shit. I'm here in Adelaide...