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  1. ash2

    Using Licorice

    Came across an old brewer today who uses Licorice to carbonate his brews has also used black jelly beans, but reckons the Licorice is the best.Has any body heard of using Licorice no jelly beans,or has any body tried them.? :unsure:
  2. ash2


    Getting away from the Tap King forum,has any body done the Tap-a-Draft concept ? It seems to me that it was the original Tap King but without Lion Natan behind it.?
  3. ash2

    Hop Flavours

    Hi Hopheads,Why do hoped up beers have a more pronounced flavour & aroma of hops as the beer warms up.? :unsure:
  4. ash2

    Wednesday Golf Day (or any other day )

    Hi brewers, Another Wednesday on the golf course for me ,drinking whatever the beer cart has on board,ie Carllton Mid,Tooheys,XXXX,Has VB but how much can a koala bear .So golf basically these days is something to do between beers ( our ideas about hitting off scratch have gone ). Anyway when...
  5. ash2

    Ideas for 100th Brew

    Hi Brewers,Iam a kit & bits brewer 1 more to go than it's my 100th brew going down,looking for ideas for this my brewing milestone. Cheers & Beers :beer:
  6. ash2

    Bar Designs for Home

    Hi Brewers, I wan't to build a bar in my house anybody got pics so I can get some ideas,i wan't to be able to have a keg system in it. Thanks in advance for any ideas. :beer: :super:
  7. ash2

    Learning with Yob's Hops

    I'am a K& K brewer,i have 3 FV's I was using but since getting a couple of fridges & 2 STC1000'S i'am now only using 2 of them.With Yob I have been buying 110g sample packs to try.What I have been doing is just putting down Coops APA with 500g of malt,25g of different hops each time steeped for...
  8. ash2

    Darken with Age

    Why do brews darken with age,I find a lot of mine do.Is it mine only or does it happen to other brewers & why.
  9. ash2

    Shot Duck Fri Nite.

    What are you drinking & how shot are you to be in front of a computer on a Fri Nite. :P :drinks: :drinks: :P
  10. ash2

    Cold Crashing

    Could you Brewmasters please explain to a newbie ,What,How & Why is Cold Crashing All about :chug: ( CC )
  11. ash2

    Temp Control

    HI Brewmasters,Its time i got myself 1 old fridge & 1 temp controller can you tell me what is the best temp controller & how to set it up,{pics would help}+ do you bottle from the fridge or do you take the FV out of the fridge to bottle . :( :(
  12. ash2

    Box Swap Sunshine Coast

    What about the Sunshine Coast Brewers & BrisVegas neighbours organise a Box swap before xmas maybe a get together or piss up.{ i'am just a greenhorn on this blog so forgive me ,if it has been done before or is an annual event }