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  1. Timbo

    Keg drama

    i bought 4 new kegs recently and two are working brilliantly. The other two I’m finding I’m getting co2 break out in the lines immediately after pouring and foam at tap. Initially I thought I had an overcarbed beer, but I set and forget so I was surprised. However I’ve ran plain tap...
  2. Timbo

    That moment....what’s yours?

    Homebrewing, beer and DIY have all been things that have interested me as long as I can remember. My home brew journey began like many others, the best part of two decades ago. A DIY kit, no temperature control, a tin of goop, a kilo of sugar, a wing capper - awful beer. Did I drink it? Of...
  3. Timbo

    Ultratap Issue

    Own three ultrataps but one in particular seems to not want to close properly. Has anyone else had problems with these? Seems to be when a certain keg is hooked up that i suspect might be slightly overcarbed but still seems to pour well enough. Can an overcarbed beer stop a forward sealing tap...
  4. Timbo

    What’s your bad brewing habit?

    Nobody is perfect. What’s your bad brewing habit? I haven’t used a hydrometer for three months. Keep forgetting to replace it/put off replacing my old broken one. Lucky I keg, but it’s gonna bite me soon!
  5. Timbo

    New Keg Pricing

    This may have been asked before (couldn’t find anything when I searched): Why is a new half corny virtually the same price, if not more expensive than a new 19l keg with exactly the same specs? I’m not expecting it to be half price, but I don’t understand how it can have half the capacity yet...