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  1. Clevohead

    Clevohead's Tassie Redneck Keezer buildlog

    Hi guys, Thanks again for having such a great forum here, though I better submit my build log of my experimental keezer build. Experimental in the sense I have used second hand and cheap materials initially until I have a grand plan/design I am happy with, hence the Redneck reference as it...
  2. Clevohead

    Keg carbonation

    This seems to be one of those "can of worms" topics, and I respect everyone who kegs has an opinion. I have recently started kegging, yet to pour a beer off the keg yet, just getting brews on and setting up my Keezer (may possibly do a thread on that as well) I now have 2x Coopers Draughts in...
  3. Clevohead

    Tassie Kit Brewer

    Hi All, I am from Tassie, a couple of mates and I have been home brewing for the last 7 years, we bottle 3x brews per week on average while also running our still in the background making our own spirits. We have a wood fired hot water and bottle washer system allowing us to wash and sterilise...