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  1. Hoops

    Getting More Out Of Your Wyeast

    It seems there has been a bit of discussion stirred up by the QLD yeast swap coming up. This topic is along the lines of making starters & yeast farming but I think it needs it's own thread as there may be quite a lot of different ideas of how to do this. The question is designed to get a bit of...
  2. Hoops

    Hoops Driving Adventure

    I am driving to Perth for Xmas holidays and will be there for a few weeks so I am keen to meet up with fellow AHB'ers and have a few beers and talk brewing stuff. As I'm driving through Adelaide a meet-up with some Adelaide brewers would be on the cards too. Looking at passing through Adelaide...
  3. Hoops

    Mobile Cold Room

    I am always low on fridge space especially when it comes to CCing and keg storage so I am thinking of a cold room. There was one recently for sale nearby for $1500 and I was considering buying a second hand cold room, then cutting the panels to make it fit onto a trailer so that I have a mobile...
  4. Hoops

    St Pats Order

    Unfortunately with St Pats U$300 min order I would need to combine an order with another couple of people. I am looking at getting the following from St Pats & for an in keg carbonator + to hook up to a CFWC and hopefully end up with something like this in the future..... That's about U$100...
  5. Hoops

    How Much Would You Spend?

    I would spend well over $1000 which I intend to do in a few years by geting a cold room. Also looking a few hundred for a stainless steel conical fermenter and everything else to go with it (temp control). However by far my best HB investment is my temp controlled fermenting fridge which I...
  6. Hoops

    2 & 6 Row Western

    I am planning on doing an AG using a recipe from the Whitelabs recipe page. Does anyone know what grain is available in Australia that would be a good substitute? Is flaked corn available in Australia? If not are there any good substitutes? Thanks in advance Hoops Amigo Mexican Lager 5...
  7. Hoops

    Stainless Steel Tube

    After the Brisbane get-together there is a few guys looking at getting a coil of 10mm x 1.6mm thick Stainless Steel tube (for CFWC's) It is going to cost $5 per metre plus $50 to roll it therefore the more tube done in one hit the cheaper it will work out. Anyone else interested? Hoops
  8. Hoops

    Soda Stream Adaptor

    I had a couple of these adaptors made up so that you can use Soda Stream bottles with a normal regulator. I can get some more made up if people want some. The guy charges $30 Still interested Trev Wedge GMK & Batz? Hoops
  9. Hoops

    Editing Recipe Batches

    Is it possible to change brew dates on the recipe batches? I started a brew Sunday and entered it here yesterday but can't change the brew date back to Sunday. Anyway to change it??? Hoops
  10. Hoops

    Hops Comparison Chart

    Slow day at work so I put this chart together using the info from BYO.com website. It is in A3 size. Hoops
  11. Hoops

    Ebay Items

    Thought it would be a good idea for a thread for brew related e-bay items. Here's a soda stream CO2 bottle if anyone's looking for one near Wollongong/Illawarra . CO2 bottle
  12. Hoops

    Big Burner

    Wouldn't take long to bring the wort to a rolling boil with this baby!
  13. Hoops

    Stainles Steel Tank - Ebay

    Not sure if it is possible to use this for brewing or whether it would have any toxic residue? It's got me thinking though. Thought I'd post it in case anyone down south thinks they can put it to good use. Hoops LPG Gas Tank
  14. Hoops

    Tooheys Xtra Dry Recipe

    Haven't tried this recipe yet but thought I would post it anyway. The recipe is for 50L so just adjust to what you need. Xtra Dry 4L Light lager malt (Muntons) 0.5L Glucose 2.5kg Dextrose 100g Crystal malt grain 40g Northern Brewer hop pellets (Bittering) 40g Halletau hops...
  15. Hoops


    Well I'm a happy man, I now have my Xmas present - 25kg bag of Joe White Traditional Ale Malt and a grain cracker! (Due to someone's cruel twisted tradition I'm not supposed to use them til Xmas Day!!! :angry: ) Already reading some posts and scheming up some recipes. :D I was looking at a...
  16. Hoops

    10lt Cornelius Kegs

    I have seen a few of the 10Lt Cornelius kegs kicking around but no-one will sell them, "rare as hens teeth" they say (which seems to be true). I am curious if anyone has looked at getting some from the US? I am sure the freight would be too expensive for an individual but with a group like this...
  17. Hoops

    All Grain Brew

    I am keen to do some brewing in the couple of weeks and want to do a full mash. I have done one full mash before and it turned out great. :) I was thinking of buying a 25kg/50kg bag of grain, however I don't know what grain to buy or what a good price is. (I mainly brew light to medium coloured...
  18. Hoops

    Toowoomba Home Brew Clubs?

    Gday eveyone, I have been brewing for a few years and have moved to Toowoomba QLD and I am looking for a homebrew club. I joined the Brisbane Brewing Club a few years ago when I was living in Brizzy and WOW did I learn a lot. I have found one club in Toowoomba but wasn't real impressed. My aim...