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  1. bradmcm

    Great Beers Of The World Dvd Set

    I was looking through the EzyDVD website and came across these 2 new discs: Great Beers of the World Great Beers of the World will introduce you to the roots of the beers, to the different brewing processes that make them distinctive. Along the way you`ll meet the identities associated making...
  2. bradmcm

    Belhaven Bought Out.

    Greene King Snaps up Another Sept 16, 2005 - UK brewer Greene King has agreed to pay $337million for Belhaven Brewery, Scotland's largest independent brewer. Belhaven, founded in 1719, will keep its name, brands and brewery which is located 30 miles north of Edinburgh.. Greene King owns some...
  3. bradmcm

    Beer Spiders!

    http://3fingersalute.net/modules.php?name=...=showpage&pid=2 A review of the best beer spiders! The Yanks seem to call them "floats". Maybe the Guinness spider is a winner?!
  4. bradmcm

    An Easy Way To Earn Money

    21-Year-Old Man Dies After Winning Tequila-Drinking Contest March 8, 2005 SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic -- One person is dead and three are gravely ill after a tequila-drinking competition in Santo Domingo. The winner of the contest died. Ricardo Ivan Garcia drank more than 50 shots of...
  5. bradmcm

    The Wild West Saloon

    A three-legged dog hobbles into a saloon in the American West. He scrambles up to the bar stool and sits at the bar. The dog calls out to the entire saloon - "I'm ah-lookin' for the man who shot my paw" Told ya it was silly. :rolleyes: