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  1. Hangover68

    Simple stout recipe

    Ok so i want to brew a stout before it gets much warmer, below is what i have on hand if someone can suggest a ratio ? - 23l batch BIAB process. ale - 20kg wheat- 1.85kg light chocolate 850g pilsner 600g vienna 4.5kg acidulated 850g S04 yeast various hops that i will use whatever is suitable
  2. Hangover68

    Hop Spider- new.

    Brand new Kegland hop spider, only got it last week but its just too big for my kettle. Selling at cost of $20. Pickup Melbourne NE.
  3. Hangover68

    Another Hefeweizen brew.

    Yesterday i put down my 2nd AG and first wheat beer using BIAB process, pretty happy so far with hitting my targets. 23ltr batch 2.4kg pilsner 2.4kg wheat Hallertau hops 20g@60mins 5g@20mins 90min mash@64c 70min boil OG post boil of 1.044 Pitched WB06 this morning@21c and will drop that to...
  4. Hangover68

    Woolies draught 23l kit

    So i grabbed a woolies kit and pimped it like i did a Coopers PA a few weeks ago with 500g of medium crystal and 50g of cascade hops using 1kg of dextrose instead of sugar. Did an SG reading and its a lowly 1.030, the coopers was 1.060 with the only difference being i used BE2 with the coopers...
  5. Hangover68

    Recipe help

    Oh learned ones, looking to put another brew on but not 100% on the style given my limited ingredient list. I was starting to accumulate malts and hops buying some here and there when on sale. no yeasts on hand but i have a lager that is close to bottling so i will harvest the 34/70 when its...
  6. Hangover68

    Corny identification

    Can anyone confirm if these kegs can have the posts changed to ball lock type, might be able to get them free.
  7. Hangover68

    C02 bulbs,where to buy ?

    Just filled my 4l mini keg and went to get a co2 bulb but i'm all out, a google search shows that no one stocks them apart from brewing supply places. Anyone know if any normal retail stores in Melbourne stock them ? I think it might be time to move up to soda stream size bottles.
  8. Hangover68

    Dark Munich smash

    So i have 5kg of dark munich 100g of hallertau pellets and saflager 34/70 to make my first all grain and first smash brew, i cant find a definitive guide on hop addition ie amount and timing. Is 100g on par for 5kg of grain, would a 50/50 hop addition work - mid mash and at the end ?
  9. Hangover68

    Brew fridge

    I picked up a freebie ex medical supplies fridge that i want to use as a brew fridge, it has a digital thermostat with a wide range of settings and currently doesn't seem to cool but temp is rising as if it was heating. Quite a solid unit and fits my fermenter in perfectly, being ex medical it...
  10. Hangover68

    Apple cider kit plus juice

    Doing only my 2nd cider and on advice from local brew shop i have used 8ltrs of cheap homebrand juice to a brigalow kit, taste is good and has an OG of 1.03 so hoping for around 4-4.5%.
  11. Hangover68

    Gassing mini keg

    I naturally carbed a mini keg 2 weeks ago that I am drinking Christmas day. Should I release the prv before gassing with my mini reg ?
  12. Hangover68

    WTD: M8 to MFL adapter

    Just wondering if anyone has a spare above fitting kicking around they dont use, just bought a spear and ball locks for my mini keg and assumed that the threaded barb would be the same as the basic co2 injector that came with my keg. Will be getting a mini reg next month with the adapter so just...
  13. Hangover68

    Electric brew pot controller

    Just setup a 40ltr pot with a 2200w element and tap and thinking about what i will use as a controller. Thinking about an inkbird for a brew fridge and wondering if it would be suitable for the brew pot as well ?
  14. Hangover68

    Brew pot from keg

    Looking for a brew pot and started thinking that a cheap keg with the top cut out is going to be cheaper than a thin s/steel pot, any tips for modding a keg into a brew pot ?
  15. Hangover68

    Newbie yeast question.

    Just finished bottling an allgrain pale ale and i have some lovely yeast fudge left that i would like to save and re-use, what is the process for saving and storing it ?
  16. Hangover68

    Electric urn

    So had a clean up a few weeks ago and i found a 10l stokes electric urn under my stairs, i was going to sell it but occurred to me that although too small for a BIAB setup i could find another use for it. I just put on my first cider so it was handy to heat up 3ltrs of water instead of boiling...
  17. Hangover68

    Battered fish

    Got home and the boss had some whiting fillets out for dinner. Grabbed a stubbie of Cascade real ale and made a beer batter from it , nice and crisp, dark batter [emoji3] .
  18. Hangover68


    I spent some time in Israel, Egypt and Turkey and got a taste for Falafel's as they were a really cheap source of street food while i was back packing. My eldest daughter decided she wanted to be a vegan and as i am a chef by trade ( over 30years ) i decided to make some, i was surprised that my...
  19. Hangover68

    Freshly baked bread

    I was just sitting at the PC have my first taste of draught lager from my first attempt at keggin when the boss brings over some thick slices of freshly baked crusty bread buttered with vegemite, i dont think it gets any better.
  20. Hangover68

    Login problems

    Not for me but i have a mate with username Ralph1malph and he has tried resetting his password without any luck.