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  1. Hangover68

    Hard lemonade

    I used 1kg of lactose in mine and definitely did not taste any milkyness at all, if anyone it wasn't quite sweet enough.
  2. Hangover68

    BIAB V All in one system for new All Grain brewer

    A cheap s/steel pot , 2200w element, tap and a biab bag can be done for around $100. No need to mess around with gas.
  3. Hangover68

    Beginners Persistence - Simple steps to some better tasting beer

    You don't need a 2nd vessel for bulk priming, works just as well adding to the FV prior to bottling. I cold crash then add the priming sugar then let sit for a few days to settle.
  4. Hangover68

    Simple stout recipe

    Ok so i used Mashbashers suggested recipe and brewed it last Thursday, OG of 1.054 and pitched S04 on Friday. Kicked off late friday and over the weekend and by this morning fermentation has slowed down but still reached an SG of 1.014, will leave for a few more days then cold crash and bottle.
  5. Hangover68

    Extract Water

    Never, i'm not a surgeon.
  6. Hangover68

    Extract Water

    just use tap water unless your local water is rubbish or you are trying for a competition and need to adjust it for the style, waste of time otherwise.
  7. Hangover68

    Purple hot break

    I have noticed a very light purple tinge to the hot break before, bordering on brown.
  8. Hangover68

    Hop Rhizomes

    I planted 3 cascade and i chinook rhizomes just over 2 weeks ago, the cascade have shoots with leaves but the chinook hasn't shown its head yet.
  9. Hangover68

    What are you brewing 2020

    Brewed a couple i found in the database, Hefeweizen, Czech Pils and a slightly modified Pale Ale that i bought as an FWK a few years ago. Just about to start on a Porter that was suggested to me.
  10. Hangover68

    I can't bleach it's not StarSan

    I think DtD can consider himself spanked :)
  11. Hangover68

    I can't bleach it's not StarSan

    I've been using household bleach diluted for over 20 years, a good rinse regime and no one would even know.
  12. Hangover68

    Simple stout recipe

    Luckily i'm out of the game but my younger brother is still in and he's feeling the pain.
  13. Hangover68

    Simple stout recipe

    Thats what i was after, maybe i should have said what can i brew that resembles a stout with my current grain stock.
  14. Hangover68

    Simple stout recipe

    I'm sure i can roast, i mean a chef of 35 years i think i can handle that.
  15. Hangover68

    Simple stout recipe

    Lol, ok will make something else until my next grain order.
  16. Hangover68

    Simple stout recipe

    All good ideas but was looking to use what i have, i've been using Ian's BIAB spreadsheet which has worked well for my other brews.
  17. Hangover68

    Simple stout recipe

    Ok so i want to brew a stout before it gets much warmer, below is what i have on hand if someone can suggest a ratio ? - 23l batch BIAB process. ale - 20kg wheat- 1.85kg light chocolate 850g pilsner 600g vienna 4.5kg acidulated 850g S04 yeast various hops that i will use whatever is suitable
  18. Hangover68

    Sharp taste of IPA dry hopped Citra

    I've heard from others using Kveik that when you re-use it you only need about 1/4 for the next brew, i have a couple of packs to try out when it gets warmer.
  19. Hangover68

    pricing liquid vs dry yeasts

    I only use dry for a couple of reasons, i can keep a stack in the fridge and not worry much about shelf life, can buy it a lot cheaper which is a factor for me and it works fine for my brewing. Might try liquid one day but for now dry works for me.