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  1. Crusty

    Camlock Males

    Just a quick question. I need a couple of different size camlock males for the CIP system I'm setting up. Are the 1/2", 3/4" & 1" all the same size? The male end where the female locks onto? I'm needing to run 1" camlocks, male threads from my pump but from the butterfly valves on the unitank...
  2. Crusty

    Natural Carbonation using SS Brewtech Unitanks

    I'm wondering if any of you guys with the SS Brewtech Unitank can explain your natural carb method using the spunding valve. I know that you close off the tank a couple of points above FG but wondering when you dump the yeast? To get a decent yeast dump, the beer would need to be chilled before...
  3. Crusty

    Motion Dynamics Mill Motor Wiring

    Hey guys. After owning my mill motor for well over a year & still sitting in the box, I thought it might be time to wire it up. I've followed a few examples on the net but I can't seem to get power from the power supply to the mill motor. Could someone drop some photos in here describing what...
  4. Crusty

    MashMaster MiniMill

    Hi guys. I haven't brewed for about 18 months & trying to crack my grain today & have struck a major problem with my mill. Even at the smallest width adjustment, The grain wont crack, still whole & no broken husk. It's not feeding through well either. I've tried the fluted roller on one side but...
  5. Crusty

    BeerTools Pro Software

    I'm looking for someone on the forum that runs BeerTools Pro software for their brew days. I've got this as well as BeerSmith3 but need to pick someone's brains with their schedule setup. Send me a message or a reply if you run BTP. Cheers
  6. Crusty

    Sediment Catchers

    Hey guys. Has anyone got any spare sedex brewing sediment catchers they want to off load. The company's gone offline so I assume they've given up. I've used them in the past & they're pretty good but have lost some along the way. Let me know if you have any. Cheers
  7. Crusty

    Why Am I Not Crusty Anymore?

    Hi Mods. Can someone fix my username back to Crusty please. Cheers
  8. Crusty

    30A Electric Brewery

    After starting my AG adventure back in 2008, I have finally settled on my final brewery. I started out with a simple Igloo cooler, went to Rims, followed by BIAB & then onto the Braumeister. All of which are good in their own right but as I now spend a bit of time brewing other beverages, the...
  9. Crusty

    Control Panel Box From The Electric Brewery

    Just wondering if any of you guys are running the control panel box from The Electric Brewery, 50A specifically. I'm after some more info on delivery, setup & a couple of questions about their Omron timer. Cheers
  10. Crusty

    Beer Line Size

    Just wondering how many of you guys are running larger beer & gas line than the common 5mm id x 8mm od. I picked up another A type coupler today that had gas line connected to the snaplok fittings that had 10mm od & I assume this would be 6mm id. Looks better & obviously less restrictive than...
  11. Crusty

    Stainless Pluto Gun

    I'm looking at getting one of these just to toss in the spare fridge with a 50L keg. Having never owned one before or poured from one, how bad are they in terms of the actual pour, wastage etc compared to a quality beer tap. I can't drill the fridge so this is the next best thing I guess. How...
  12. Crusty

    BeerSmith Equipment Profiles

    Can any of you guys with a Braumeister screen shot your BS equipment profiles for me. I've got a major discrepancy in my figures when using the small malt pipe in the 50L BM. My volumes are off as is my gravity. I've changed my grain absorption to 0.6000 instead of the default 0.90 something...
  13. Crusty

    Micro Matic Premium Regulator

    I'm chasing another regulator & was looking at Micro Matic but it seems you cant get the original premium regs anymore. Everyone's selling the premium plus which looks shit compared to the premium ( personal preference) Failing that, I think I'll have to get a Harris 601 but I do like the...
  14. Crusty

    Slovenian Bobek Smash

    I'm thinking about a pretty simple smash recipe using some Styrian Bobek hops with a 5min addition of some ginger & orange peel. Looking at something similar to Brewdog's Liquid Art beer. 5.5%, 20ibu with a saison yeast. Mashing low @63deg. Anyone used Bobek before?
  15. Crusty

    2 Tap Jockey Box

    For those of you that have set up a 2 tap portable system, what's the best cooling idea in your opinion? Coils or a 2 product Keg King plate. I need something portable for the increasing demand of beers on tap at mates barbies.
  16. Crusty

    220lt drums

    I got given a couple of blue 220lt Tilkey drums that I hope can be used for fermenters. They had Olympic 35 hydrochloric acid in them for a public swimming pool. Has anyone used these for fermenters or should I just give them back. There is a number 2 in the triangle on the bottom of the drums...
  17. Crusty

    Wiring diagram for FSD elements

    Does anyone have a coloured wiring diagram they would like to share for the 10a, 2400w FSD elements. They have an Earth scew as well. Cheers
  18. Crusty

    WTB! Modded tap King

    If anyone has modded a Tap King & looking to offload, Im chasing one or two units.
  19. Crusty

    FS: 50lt Braumeister. NSW.

    I'm selling my gen 2 50lt Braumeister. It's almost 2yrs old & the model that emits a tone for hop additions. It's in pristine condition & PBW put through the machine every 4 or 5 brews. Comes with a thermo jacket, short malt pipe for single batches & a 2 piece ball valve ( original tap included...
  20. Crusty

    Windows tablet

    I downloaded BeerSmith 2 to my windows stream 8 tablet & having a problem with the recipe design page. The mash tab fails to highlight but the rest of the tabs work fine. Downloaded recipes from the cloud are fine but adding a new recipe is giving me grief with the mash tab. Anyone else having...