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  1. enoch

    Dual Regulator

    Have been looking for a dual regualtor solution. Seem to be two choices. micromatic for $220 at kegsonline and Harris for $294 at Craftbrewer. Apart from price is there anything between them? Has anyone seen them around cheaper? Cheers Enoch
  2. enoch

    Crankandstein Mill Drive

    Just a quick pic of the new drive for my crankandstein. An electrical engineer's dodgy solution to a mechanical problem.... It has been cobbled together from a dead cordless drill head, some Selleys Kneadit, a pasta machine drive plus some wood and screws. The pasta machine drive does about...
  3. enoch

    Cheap Rims Thoughts

    Have been thinking about a cheap RIMS chamber using a plastic kettle which remains open at the top. More for doing step mashes rather than RIMS per se. Would have a 1/2 inch bulkhead fitting near the bottom as an input for wort coming from the MLT via a pump and a 3/4 fitting near the top which...
  4. enoch

    Glass Door Fridge - Efficiency

    I recently bought a three door commercial fridge 2nd hand and was interested whether others have either insulated the glass doors or taken the glass out and and replaced with insulation. Reason I ask is that the unit seems to pick up a bit of heat through the doors - or more acurately the doors...
  5. enoch

    Cool Beer Project On Makezine

    I preface this post by saying I have no idea if the toy is available here... Check this out from Makezine...(the link goes to instructables.com)
  6. enoch

    Stuck Runoff - @#$% Pellets

    For those interested I have been blogging the rebuild of my 55l mash setup to incorporate a March pump and a CWC at Darebin Street Brewery. Everything went well until the runoff to the fermenter! Whirlpooled, waited a bit a turned the pump on. All went well for a few minutes then it slowed to...