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  1. Tahoose

    30ltr kegs with "A" type spear for sale. Melbourne

    Hi all, I have been asked to sell a load of 30 ltr kegs fitted with the "A" type spear. For those unfamiliar the "A" type is the Toohey's/Coopers/kegstar spear. The cost will be $75 per keg - this is a set price. It might take a week or 2 to organise but I will be happy to de-gas and...
  2. Tahoose

    Cheap aluminium pots Footscray

    I was wandering around footscray and found some cheap aluminium pots for sale. The shop address is 14 Albert Street Footscray. The sign says new pp supermarket but another one says China store. They had varying sizes the biggest one was about 70-75 litres, this one was $60 They also had an...
  3. Tahoose

    Outdoor table.

    Wanted an outdoor table and figured that at 4m long table and 1.1m wide, done in hardwood would need a new mortgage. So here's one that I made. Took 4 solid days worth of work, but totally worth it.
  4. Tahoose

    Looking to borrow a gas burner (Melbourne)

    Hey all, I'm making pasta sauce for the first time with the inlaws on the Saturday 7th of feb. We will be using my pot and burner but need a second gas burner for the other pot. I was hoping somebody might let me borrow one for the day/weekend. Naturally thanks will be shown in the way of beer.
  5. Tahoose

    Belgians, blonde or wit

    G'day all been enjoying some Belgian beers lately, and am thinking of making a blonde or a wit or maybe both. What do you like for yeast strains? As far as I know there doesn't seem to be a good dry yeasts for this style (not after a Saison yeast) For malts I have ale, Munich, pils, wheat...
  6. Tahoose

    Anything nice for Xmas? Brew or Non brew related.

    Thought i just wanted to share this,and wondering what other AHBer's scored this year. With the others Merry Christmas
  7. Tahoose

    Stainless steel adapters

    Basically guys I'm after a shop which sells stainless steel nuts, bolts and adapters of different sizes. At the moment I have a hole which is threaded and a male piece that screws into the hole which is around 10mm, on the end of this is a female thread for the same size. I'm also have a...
  8. Tahoose

    Afl tickets. Ess v north,

    Hey all, grabbed some footy tickets for the finals (ess vs north) and some friends have had to pull out. So have two tickets for that game ess v north, sitting bottom level centre wing $40 This is face value.. Only hoping to recoup what I have spent on them. Pm if interested.
  9. Tahoose

    Uses for Citric Acid?

    Hey all, so I was recently reading about cleaning stainless and a couple of people mentioned using citric acid. Now from what I understand citric acid is a natural chemical and seems to be quite handy. So after doing a bit of a search I seemed to come up a bit short on the info that I was...
  10. Tahoose

    Too early to keg?

    So pitched a brew on Thursday with a decent pitch of Nottingham ale yeast. OG 1:050 By Saturday it's down to 1:011 and that's pretty much bang on what I was after. Now the question is, do I A) leave in the primary for a couple of weeks as per normal? B) keg now, add priming sugar then leave...
  11. Tahoose

    Tahoose Keezer Build

    Ok everybody here is a collection of photo's I took whilst building my keezer, pretty much all went to plan but may have cost a little on than I had first anticipated. I did but pretty much everything new with the thought that I'm only building one of these things so best do it well. Did save...
  12. Tahoose

    WTB - interesting/unique tap handles

    Hey guys looking to grab some different tap handles, if anybody has any interesting ones which they wish to get rid of Flick me a picture and I might grab them. Cheers
  13. Tahoose

    Infusion step mash no sparge

    Hey guys so I normally infusion step mash for example a normal brew day go something like Strike temp 70c Dough in 66c Infusion of boiling water to 72c Infusion of boiling water to 78c Sparge with 78c water until I hit my volume. What I'm thinking of changing to is starting at a lower temp and...
  14. Tahoose

    Left over wort for a starter (next day)

    Hey guys, so I made a brew last night 100% pilsner malt. I left the grain in my sparge bucket in a bucket, and 20hrs later I have 5 Ltrs of 1.020 wort which must have slowly dripped out over night. Now am currently boiling it down to 2 litres and 1.050 but it doesn't quite smell right, not...
  15. Tahoose

    Strange Taste just developed.

    Hey all. So I had an AG brew that I bottled on 11 feb, waited 2 weeks and started drinking it and it was great, no problems. after a few more days it carbed up just a touch more but was still drinking great. However I grab a bottle on Tuesday night and it tasted a little strange I'm not really...
  16. Tahoose

    WTB - Co2 bottle for keg setup (Melbourne)

    Anybody have one they no longer require? Empty or full it doesn't really matter.. I can slowly feel the keezer coming, one purchase at a time
  17. Tahoose

    Step mash using a convection oven?

    Title pretty much says it all, I'm looking at doing a step mash with one of those bench top convection ovens. I did a search on here but most hit was for people using these ovens for toasting malts. Which after this last bout of reading I'm definitely going to give a go aswell. I already mash...
  18. Tahoose

    She wants a Pilsner and a Strawberry Beer

    So I'm a pretty lucky guy and even though SWMBO has the occasional beer she is dead set fed up of me even mentioning the words brewing or beer. However she seems to have a taste for pilsners, now I haven't really enjoyed any of the Aussie made pilsners (recommendations anyone?) but I'll be...
  19. Tahoose

    Popping my AG cherry - DSGA

    Ok guys so I seems to have done this in the usual process (kit-partial-extract-fwk-AG), I would have jumped into AG sooner but I wanted to suss out which I thought was the best way for me ect, and it was handy to spend a couple of hours at G & G in Yarraville on a Saturday to see that it's...
  20. Tahoose

    Ruined my first all grain (I think)

    So did my first AG brew on Monday, a DSGA half batch. Rehydrated 5g of saf s-04, forgot to put it in a water bath temperature control setup and due to the Melbourne heat it went from 1.054 to 1.016 in 24hrs Didn't taste too great out of the hydro sample, oh well live and learn, suppose I'll...