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    Anyone into Drones? I went to a charity golf day and walked away a grand lighter but with a DJI phantom 4 Chinese new year edition. This thing is crazy fast. And going by the chunks of timber gauged from one of the guitars in my lounge room, do not fly this inside kids.
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    Cleaning a spunding valve

    So i thought i would push the volume limit of the fermentasaurus. Which resulted in krausen flow out the spunding valve. It is a fairly simple process to pull it down for cleaning but i am not sure about the dial. Any tips for cleaning the dial?
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    That's not a try, it's a miracle

    That time of year again.................. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1jLZa3SfMI
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    Beer filter storage

    The one thing that stops me from using my filter more often is the concern i have of introducing oxygen and infection due to filter contamination. After just pulling out the filter Quality Craftbrewer one) to filter 40L into 2 kegs, i am wondering if i am better off just leaving the filter in...
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    Doghouse Hotel

    Now that is one hotel that would be hard to leave. http://mashable.com/2017/03/04/beer-hotel/#zLOcHHsFcmqA
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    FS -Commercial flooded font- Brisbane

    Well my old font is too big for the new kegerator, so i am putting it up for sale. Celli triple cobra flooded font with 3 lancer taps with lockin shanks. I have never used the flooding but all seals are in place etc. Great font. $250
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    Brendale Brewing Co.

    Have been visiting Brendale Brewing co for a little while now. Great little venue for a couple of beers on the way home. The beers are extract but are well done, i have had many all grain beers that are not the same level of quality and most would not pick it. If you're in the area, drop in and...
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    FS - Grainfather, Brisbane

    Putting my Grainfather up for sale, $750.00. Firm Details: 1st gen Grainfather but has been upgraded with the "upgrade kit" plus the new pump filter. The counter flow chiller is also included in the sale. Reason for selling: To help finance my new 3V build. I bought the GF as I wanted to...
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    Give away-SS bench and extinguishers

    I am moving soon and wont be taking this bench with me SS TOPS with chipboard underneath size is 2400 x 1200. No longer use the extinguishers both stamped 08 i think. The 1 with out the black thingo fits onto normal regs the other is smaller. Happy to accept a beer but they are give away, pick...
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    WTB - Lancer Grundy lockin shank adapter

    Does anyone know where I can buy some of these. have the local lancer office looking for some but thought someone might have some lying around. http://www.lancerbeverage.com/our-products/beverage-systems/beer/bar-fit-out/adaptors-and-shanks/adaptors-and-shanks Cheers
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    FS: Kegs and taps Nth Bne

    Having a clean up and have a fair bit of beering surplus. Instead of making heaps of threads I will just put an item per post. Pm for questions etc. Cheers Brad
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    FS; 120L Brewrig

    Putting my brewrig up for sale, consists of 1 x 150L SS kettle with 3 peice ball valve 1 x 150L SS mash tun with 3 peice ball valve and 12" domed false bottom 1 x Nev's SS coil in a kettle HERMS controlled by STC 6 point power unit, each point has its own circuit breaker 1 x Rambo burner with...
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    Qld Xmas case Swap 2014- 6 Dec

    I am putting my hand up to host the 2014 xmas swap. The venue will be at Brendale and there will be heaps of space to pitch a tent or throw a swag down inside. Best thing is for the morning......................4 urinals and 16 cubicles fully stocked. Do we want to go for the option of...
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    RIP Robin Williams

    Terribly sad news. http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/robin-williams-dead-at-63/story-fn907478-1227021334663
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    What's the best Ultra-book/tablet

    I am looking at getting an Ultra-book as opposed to a laptop. Can anyone recommend ones to look at. I am currently looking at Microsoft Surface pro3 or a Lenovo Yoga. Any suggestions? Cheers
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    Qld Xmas in July in June2014 case swap * tasting thread *

    1) Winkle, Apricot, Sour. 2) Beersuit - American Wheat. 3) Benken25 - Raunchybier 4) Earle - smoked rye porter 5) Bradsbrew - Hazelnut Mild Ale - READY 6) Robv - Red IPA 7) Liam_snorkel - cherrywood rauch dunkelweizen 8 ) lukiferj - Reign in Blood Red IPA 9) Parks - Single hop Amarillo IPA. 10)...
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    All in Brewing, Banyo Qld

    Was informed of this little gem so I dropped in today. The brewer seems a nice bloke, a good beer menu, great prices on schooners, 750ml and growler take aways. Had a pale ale and IPA, nice. Might just organise for a longer visit next time. http://allinnbrewingco.com/
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    Mashing with base VS steeping separate

    What's the thoughts on steeping specialty grains separate to mash. Traditionally we throw all the grains together mash them all together and boil them together when doing single/double batches. With the ability to brew 120L ( 6 cubes ) I am quite happy to have a stack of cubes with the same...
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    International roaming

    Off to NZ for a few weeks but will need set the phone to roam. What's the tricks to cut the costs down. I will be turning off data and using wifi for free where possible but also grab a prepaid sim for my iPad so I can hotspot off that where required. Any other tips. Cheers
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    3 perlick tap beer fridge For sale Qld

    Looking at updating, so I am selling my beer fridge/freezer. Comes with 3 perlick creamers + SS shanks and john guest beer line adaptors. Keg king Counter Pressure Bottle filler 3 gas + 3 beer disconnects with john guest swivel adapters 3 well used kegs (will have dents and loose rubbers but...