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    Free Bar Fridge - Sydney

    Fridge works fine. No shelves though...so it's probably more useful as a keg/ferment fridge. You can stagger 2x 9litre kegs in as is...or if you removed or bent the freezer box out of the way you could fit a full corny. Maybe would work with a small fermenter? No holes in outside. Lots of...
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    3x Perlick Taps

    All work perfectly although at least 2.of them need new a new seal kit. 2x normal, 1x flowcontrol. Located in Caringbah. Or I work in the inner west. If picking up I would trade for long stainless steel shanks, some of your finest home brew (and the recipe ☺), or some Orval or Rodenbach...
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    Brewing with Cascara

    Hey Brewers, I've just done a few batches of cascara for a work related thing. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffee_cherry_tea So it's delicious chilled and carbonated, is a fantastic use of what was formerly a waste product......and it contains sugar of some description: so I'm about to do...
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    Kegerator Hire in Sydney?

    Does anybody know a company that hires kegerators in Syd? Single font is fine. One that will run Cornies NOT commercial kegs.
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    Free bottles Sydney.

    Does anyone take these anymore? About 30-40 long necks. Free free. Wife says get rid of them. Southern sydney.
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    Post ferment Hop Back Idea...

    I just harvested a heap of good looking hops from a bine i had forgotten about. Freezer is full and i have no time to brew this week. So I was thinking of loading a 9Litre corny with the hops (and a screen or filter or bag of some sort) and pushing an american brown i have in the fermenter...
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    702 Sydney beer chat

    Great chat on the radio now. Dudes from Batch, YH and rocks.
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    WTB: Stout Tap

    Anyone got one they want to dispose of? Standard size shank fitting would be easier, but Im not totally against the idea of drilling another hole in the fridge. (More taps is better right?)
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    Fast fermenting and flocculating yeast for hoppy ale.

    Hello yeast beasts. I have stuffed up my re brew beer a bit for the Nats. Its not as good as I want it to be. So Im gonna do last minute rebrew rebrew tomorrow. 2 week turnaround needed from kettle to keg to bottle. Plenty of yeasts i know will be ace drinking in that time......but clarity...
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    Carbed cold brew coffee

    I love cold brew, and i know a few purveyors and roasters who serve from a keg. But they do it on nitro to lessen/elimainate carbonation. I cant afford a nitro rig (unfortunately. ....) but was thinking about putting a small keg of fizzy bean juice on. Has anyone tried or heard of this? Might...
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    Anyone got a good recipe? Or advice? Want to do another proper lager, but I have no German hops.....and I want to run down my stores of US hops. Was going to reuse the yeast from a Marzen i have fermenting now. Then going 80/20 pale/munich, plus maybe some carapils. Might even beef it up and...
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    SYD: BIAB complete. Keggle w/burner plus extras...

    Im going full lael style electric so this stuff will not be used. Keggle has a 1/4inch threaded nipple welded in and two handles welded to the side. Ill chuck in a ball valve too. The edge line where i cut the top off is a little bumpy but never bothered me. Burner is super hot and can bring...
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    Gas Burner and med pressure reg.

    Keg King 'banjo' burner and medium pressure regulator. It is as hot as the surface of the sun and would easily do full double batches. $90bucks. Will try and get pics up tonight. Pick up near Cronulla.
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    Keg King bottle gun; 2x 19l corny kegs.

    Will post pics this arvo. Beer gun $50. Great bit of kit, but I'm only bottling a few at a time and find using plastic bottles and cpbf cap suits me better and takes less space. Used only a few times. Kegs $50each. Good condition. No ring pull pressure release. Open to Trade offers for a...
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    Will this work? Split batch - Hefe and Saison

    Brewed 2 cubes of wort for a Hefe last week. Simple 50/50 pils/wheat malt and a touch of dark Munich. 1044 OG. While it's still warm here I'm thinking of fermenting one cube with a saison yeast (my first saison). Anyone done a similar grist or have an idea how this will turn out? I'm happy to...
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    Poor flocculation advice

    Dear AHB. Why is it that my poos often float? I mean it often takes a second or third flush to get the buggers down. Should I try ingesting some whirlfloc before bed? Or perhaps I could work out a way to cold crash the dunny? Kthnx. Topher.
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    Making a Hefe with Sydney (potts hill plant) water

    I'm gonna do a Hefe soon. But when I plugged the Sydney water numbers and the grain etc into ez water the mash ph is sky high. The salt additions required to bring it down seem like too much. It pushes some of the mineral levels over the recommended range. I guess I can try and get some acid...
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    3 Ring burner - Sydney

    $40.00 with normal BBQ reg. Cronulla. Almost new, only used to heat sparge water. I am looking to move to a bigger burner with stand that can do double batches, or going to an electric element - so If anyone has anything they want to sell.....
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    Drilling into a stainless fridge.

    Building new keg fridge and the stainless shell is very thin, but super tough. I had no trouble putting the drip tray on, and drilling an 8mm hole for the gas line was alright. But how do I get a neat 20mm hole for the shanks? Tried some spade bits, (and yes I know they are supposed to be for...
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    Argggh. I think I ruined my starter.

    I am making my first lager, and also my first starter. So for my starter I used some left over wort, but I just realised I stuffed up the dilution. The interweb tells me that it should be between 1030 and 1040, so I wanted to make it a bit above 1030, but I have a new hydrometer so I must have...