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  1. popmedium

    Are my hop plants f****?

    Hey guys! My first year planting hops and I thing. At least one of them is in trouble and has stopped growing. It started with little caterpillars eating the leaves. I picked most of them off but it's a continual campaign. Since then the vine has stopped growing any higher and the leaves turn...
  2. popmedium

    WTB Better Bottle

    I've been looking far and wide but I can only find them in WA. Anyone have any leads on unported 19l better bottles?
  3. popmedium

    Help with my first sour

    Hey pals! In advance, thank you for your help. First, my question: I've brewed my first sour beer, I'm a few months in to fermentation and I'm concerned about the flavours I'm getting. In short, the flavours are very hot - phenolic and estery, reminiscent of when I started brewing and didn't...
  4. popmedium

    10 gallon / 38 Litre Beverage Cooler/ Esky for Mash Tun - Where to buy

    Hey guys! Been doing a lot of google work and am not coming up with much. I'm after a 10 gallon / 38 litre beverage cooler/esky and I can't seem to find a place to pick one up in Sydney. Biggest I've found is 19 litres. I searched the forums and came across something from 2004 that recomends...
  5. popmedium

    WTB: Counterflow Chiller

    Straight up gents, I'm after a Counterflow chiller. Sydney preferably but would look in to postage options... Thanks!
  6. popmedium

    Measuring Fermentation Temperature

    Hey mates, Just wondering how you guys measure fermentation temp? I cut up a stubby cooler, tape it to the side of my fermenter and stick my temp probe in there. I actually measured the temp of the fermenting wort the other day (well after primary, most activity had died down) and was...
  7. popmedium

    Ale Fermentation Schedule Question

    Lads, Got a question about fermentation temp. schedules. I've start slightly lower (say 18C) and I ramp up slowly towards the end of fermentation, say finishing on nearly 20 C. My question is this, after fermentation do you throw it back down to 18C for conditioning? Or would you keep it up...
  8. popmedium

    Special Brew Share At Local Taphouse Dl - Beer Mimics Food

    Lads, Just letting you know that as part of Sydney Craft Beer Week we have teamed up with The Local Taphouse to do a special Brew Share. Here are some dot points: - Theme is Beer Mimics Food - It's on Sept 18th at The Local Taphouse, Darlinghurst. - If you win, we set you up with a pro...
  9. popmedium

    Sydney Craft Beer Week 2012 - Applications Open

    Hello there chaps, just letting everyone know that we have opened up event registrations for Sydney Craft Beer Week 2012. Website is http://www.sydneycraftbeerweek.com Registration form ishttp://sydneycraftbeerweek.com/SCBW-Event-...ration-Info.pdf We're got a heap of great events in the...
  10. popmedium

    Fresh Hop Cones: Anyone Know What Sort They Are

    Holy hell! You'll not believe what I came home to today! My Auntie in law (?) has a farm and she's been gorwing hops just for the hell of it. She left me a sack full of them! Only problem is, she has no idea what variety they are. Photos below. Anyone know how I might find out? I crushed a few...
  11. popmedium

    New Fermenter Fridge Stc-1000 Question

    Hey lads! I've done a bit of searching and couldn't find anything directly addressing this. I just got my chest freezer hooked up to an STC (thank you to a Sparky mate) and am testing it before I brew tomorrow. I want to ferment at 19C and so have the STC set to 19C and the differential set to...
  12. popmedium

    Anyone Got Any Hot Tips On A Cheap Burner?

    Hello lads! I've been scouring the forums and the internet. I've read all the older posts on burners but I was wondering if anyone has any current tips on getting a cheap burner? Thinking Spiral or Nasa, pretty much anything except the 2/3/4 Ring burners...
  13. popmedium

    Ginger Ale - Do You Need To Sanitise The Fresh Ginger?

    Hi ho there! Just wondering if you guys worry about sanitising ginger if it's going in the fermenter? I'm making a ginger ale for Christmas and I added ginger in the boil and then again during secondary. I went to add another lot this morning (still tasted like it could do with another ginger...
  14. popmedium

    Help: Refractometer And Hydrometer Giving Different Readins

    Hello gents and ladygents! Wondering if anyone has had issues like this before. I just got my first refractometer in the mail. I calibrated it using boiled water and tested this calibration with my hydrometer. refraftometer was a little out so I adjusted it to 1.000, the same as the hydrometer...
  15. popmedium

    Did I Make A Mistake?

    Hello! Joel here. I just started brewing a few months ago and I just signed up to these forums. Thank you for having me! So I'm reading all the books and listening to a bunch of podcasts, watching youtube videos, trying my best to equip myself with as much knowledge as I can. I've done three...