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    Australian SS Conical Fermenters?

    I am intrigued what you posted @Grmblz
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    Australian SS Conical Fermenters?

    @draakken - fully understand that the logistics chain can be long winded and providence of something challenging to pin what is 'local'. My enquiry was based on the fact that steel is a common base commodity available and manufactured in Australia, we have a fairly strong craft brewing culture...
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    Australian SS Conical Fermenters?

    @Kenf - I'm simply being more conscious about where the money is flowing given the increasing belligerence of China . If there is a local viable alternative I would like to explore it.
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    Australian SS Conical Fermenters?

    Thanks - I’ll check out Furphy and G&G. Yes Brewtech are made in China but I will enquire about the Spike fermenters. Would prefer to support local though.
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    Australian SS Conical Fermenters?

    Afternoon, Can anyone point me in the direction of any locally manufactured circa 30l stainless steel conical fermenters (or any of European / German Origin) Ala a Brewtech Chronical? Yes, I have searched but not had much luck finding non-Chinese built rigs.
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    FS: (Noosa) Full Grainfather based setup | Whole load of gear

    @Reg Holt - happy to split if @PTG wants to take the kegs - that'll leave me less to try and sell.
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    FS: (Noosa) Full Grainfather based setup | Whole load of gear

    Hi All, I get no time to brew anymore - and I don’t see that changing in the near future so am looking to offload my entire setup as it is just getting dusty. I’d prefer to sell as one set to someone looking to upgrade to everything you might need to brew. I’m after $1,800 negotiable. On...
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    Comment by 'dteahan' in media 'IMG_3572'

    @xwute normal fridge actually. Not sure why it posted to media as I was selling my fermentation fridge and had to upload a screen shot!
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    Free [SYD]: 22 Swing top bottles

    Large swing top bottles, free to a good home - 22 of them - just need a clean. Moving and no longer need them. Inner-west. PM or SMS me on 0466407172.
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    FS SYD Fermentation Fridge and Tempmate Controller $30

    I am selling my Fermentation Fridge with a Tempmate (CraftBrewer) Temperature Controller (Cold and Hot). Fridge is a Samsung RT24MHSW1 244 Litre. Has worked flawlessly through many a brew! In the Innerwest area - am relocating to don't wish to transport the fridge - sold as a bundle not...
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    FS [SYD]: 40lt Al. Pot + Handmade Copper Chiller

    Hi, I have a 40 Litre Aluminium Pot (used as a Boil Kettle) and a hand made Copper Chiller for Sale. Upgraded to a Grain Father and these two items have seen me through many excellent brews. Just need a good clean as they have sat dormant for a while. $30 each (or some decent offer) I'm in...
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    FS: SYD: Lots of AG gear, RIMS tube, co2 bottle, mash tuns etc

    All items sold - thanks for those that participated. Happy brewing.
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    Oxygenating wort before adding yeast

    I have seen a decent impact on both attenuation and time to complete fermentation when I moved to pure O2. I have not repeated two of the same recipes before and after to compare the taste difference between pure O2 and normal methods but on reading the various literature a good amount of...
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    Having a "crack" at sous-vide

    Don't "over cook" normal lean steaks with Sous Vide. A medium rare 2cm piece of steak like a sirloin only needs 23 minutes. While the benefits of sous vide indicate you can't 'over cook' a piece of meat it's not entirely true. Also many of us are conditioned to enjoy steaks that are grilled...
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    New Brewer

    May I ask in a non-controversial way - why organic? The end result is broadly alcohol?
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    FS: SYD: Lots of AG gear, RIMS tube, co2 bottle, mash tuns etc

    The following is left after today. Keg King RIMS Tube + 2200 W Heating Element - $100 - n87 has dibs 48L Eksy / Outer Mark Rectangular Mash Tun with Tap - $20 - Spork has dibs Magnetic Drive Pump - $50 Gone: 60L Aluminium Mash Tun + 12 inch False bottom + Thermometer + tap - $100 Stainless...