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  1. Reg Holt

    Starsan withdrawn for sale in EU?

    Just lifted this post from a UK forum. Dear customer, Brouwland imports the renowned cleaning and sanitizing Five Star products, of Five Star Chemicals & Supply, Inc. from the United States; furthermore we take care of their European distribution. As a result of stricter legislation, we are...
  2. Reg Holt

    Spray ball washing the Keg.

    Carried on from the KK Fermentasaurus conical thread, adapted the unit using the $10 Keg Chime which fits like a glove onto both keg and pail. Cleaning the Snubby. Drilled and tapped 1/8 BSP into connector, fitted barbs and attached gas and liquid disconnects. Fitted the Keg Chime...
  3. Reg Holt

    Sri Lanka

    Just got back from Sri Lanka, my first visit there, what a great place, great food, dangerously potent beer and great people. Would endorse a visit to anyone. Back into the real world tomorrow.:(
  4. Reg Holt

    Returning Exile

    Returning after a exile new passport so all good. Looking forward to being part of the community once again.