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  1. Dubzie

    Yeast starter getting a helping hand from CraftBeerPi

    Bit cold out in the brew shed in winter, and the missus doesn't like the noise the stirplate makes. So while the CraftBeerPi isn't brewing it's giving me a hand with keeping my yeast starters at optimal temperature :) Stir plate + fish tank heater (controlled by CBPi) + WLP004 Irish Ale yeast...
  2. Dubzie

    Washing yeast with chlorine dioxide

    In my yeast research I came across a few old posts over on homebrewtalk about people who had successfully "cleaned" infected yeast with chlorine dioxide. Not sure if you can cross link to that forum here, but i can provide the threads. I've also found the PDF attached that shows how good it is...
  3. Dubzie

    After some yeast strains....

    Hey lads, I had a fridge failure and my small stock of yeasts had to be chucked because I didn't have the room for them in the kitchen. While I don't have anything worth while to swap, i'd be happy to spin up a starter and replace the yeast, so think of it as more of a lend than a gift ;)...
  4. Dubzie

    URGENT Cold Plate (jockey box) required

    No where has any in stock atm, and i'm in need of one for camping next weekend. If you own one can i purchase it off you then you can purchase a new one when they come back in stock?
  5. Dubzie

    WTB(Urgent) KegKing Aluminium chill plate (jockeybox) SYD/Coast/Newcastle

    Everywhere is sold out. And I would like to get one for camping next weekend. Willing to pay $180 Anyone have one that I can buy, and purchase a new one in a month or so when they get back in stock? I'm located on the Central Coast, willing to travel to pickup.
  6. Dubzie

    Anyone close to Berkeley Vale have a bottling wand I can borrow today

    Seem to have misplaced mine since kegging, and I'm meant to be bottling a brew with a mate tonight...
  7. Dubzie

    Rice Hulls - Central Coast NSW (Syd/New)

    Looking for persons interested in bulk quantities of Rice Hulls. These are used as a neutral agent to add volume and loosen your mash to help prevent stuck mash and promote wort flow. These only come in bags of 125kg. 125kg = $65 $5.20 per 10Kg $13 per 25Kg I'll take 25kg (if there is more...
  8. Dubzie

    Malt pipe issues with stuck mash

    Hey lads, I have a 82L brew pot with a 56L Malt pipe. The holes i have drilled are 2mm from memory I have a recirculating system similar setup to qldkev with a mid return and a top return. Old photo, i've since added a mid return and upgraded the pump. I regularly brew a clone of Stone &...
  9. Dubzie

    Rice Hulls

    Anyone found anywhere that sells them NOT in bulk, only place on the coast that i can find only sells in bulk of 125KG Which would be a lifetime of Hulls!
  10. Dubzie

    2L Containers that can handle boiling wort?

    I want to make a batch of starter wort and store them in 2L containers. While i have thought about using milk/softdrink bottles i would think that these would melt with boiling wort in them. Anyone got any suggestions?
  11. Dubzie

    Starter sanitation necessary?

    So back when i used to brew with can kits, you would sanitize the fermenter add some hot tap water, add your can contents, fill with cold tap water then add yeast, in the 20+ kit brews over the last few years never had an infection ect... Now i've moved on to all grain brewing and also starter...
  12. Dubzie

    Thermowell compound?

    Hey Lads, I've got a 4" thermowell that i'm wanting to shove my STC-1000 probe into, does anyone know of a suitable thermal paste/grease that will stay solid at 100*. I've tested with some Zinc Oxide (nappy rash ointment) and while it did a good job, at 55* it was starting to become liquid and...
  13. Dubzie

    Yeast Sharing Thread - Central Coast

    Just seeing if anyone has any slurry/split yeast that they store. While i don't have many rare or hard to come by yeasts yet. I do have: White Labs WLP004 Irish Ale Yeast (split) US-05 (slurry) Larger yeast (packet yeast) that i forgot to keep the packet to. Anyone interested in...
  14. Dubzie

    Best place for Grains on the Coast?

    Hey Lads, Just wondering where you source your grains from, is there a competitive LHBS for grain. I purchased my first lot from TUHB, and after paying realised it would have been cheaper to buy online and get it shipped. Cheers Dubz